Bad Credit Car Leasing

Bad Credit Car LeasingUltracar is a specialist bad credit car leasing company, providing personal users and businesses with bad credit contract hire for over 12 years.

Bad credit car leasing is the fastest growing sector of the automotive finance industry, we’ve seen a massive incline in the number of personal and business users with bad credit since the recession really took a grip in 2007. Since then, we’ve worked hard to build products specifically to assist you getting a new vehicle, where previously car dealerships and banks have said “No”.

We’ve managed to help out hundreds of people get into new, or nearly new vehicles despite bad credit ratings, CCJs, IVAs, Bankruptcies and more!

Low Credit Scores Are No Longer A Problem

The biggest problem with bad credit car leasing, and applying for vehicle finance contracts is; most funders will immediately run a credit check on you. If your score isn’t acceptable to them (usually a very high score is required) then a computer will automatically reject the application without anyone actually taking a detailed look.

At Ultracar, our underwriters will take a thorough look at your current situation and make sure that you can afford the vehicle you are looking for.

Even if you are on benefits, pension income, retired or similar we can still look at your application with a positive stance, working very hard to get you into the vehicle of your choice as quickly as possible.

Its a very simple process.

  1. Search for the vehicle make, budget or type using the form on the left hand side of every page.
  2. Select the vehicle that interests you from the search results.
  3. Either complete the enquiry form on that page, or Apply Online
  4. One of our advisors will be in touch within 2 working hours, to discuss your requirements, credit history and how to proceed. Remember, Bad Credit Car Leasing is our area of expertise, so you should never be worried about your previous credit history…we don’t judge!

Many of our clients have worried that they might never get vehicle credit with bad credit, but we have a very high success rate and hundreds of happy customers.

We look at your affordability, traceability and assess the risk from there. Quite often, and bad credit entries on your credit file are largely unimportant..because we look at the current situation not the past!

Even with bad credit, even with terrible credit, we can still look at your case and (in most cases) help out. We have a 97% acceptance rate on new applications, so feel free to apply online today to see what we can do for you!

No Upfront Fees

At Ultracar, we will not charge you a penny for making an application..absolutely no fees up front at all. The only time you will need to part with any money, is when you’re accepted for one of our bad credit car leasing contracts..and are placing an order!

Low Deposit

We can offer car leasing contracts for people with bad credit, starting with deposits as low as just £500. So you could be driving your new vehicle, regardless of your credit history..for a low deposit.

Whats The Process?

Really simple, you simply complete a short application form and send that, together with the following supporting information

  • 3 months bank statements
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of ID

All of this information can be sent via fax, email, mobile photograph or by post.

Once our underwriters have received this “pack”, they will then look to secure you finance, and make an offer within 4 working hours (sometimes sooner). They will be looking for things like your monthly income and expenditure, regular bills and so on.

We will match you up with a contract that suits you, with a deposit and payment plan which works with your regular monthly outgoings.

We have hundreds of happy customers all over the country, driving cars where they really thought they wouldn’t get finance.