Ultracar is a specialist bad credit car leasing company.


We’ve spent the last 15 years providing high quality, new and used lease vehicles for business and personal customers

For numerous (sometimes global) economic reasons, many people have been left in a position with defaults, CCJs, mortgage arears and even bankruptcies. All of which makes life very difficult when it comes to obtaining a new car lease.

Fortunately we have worked hard to provide solutions to these problems. We can provide a contract hire car lease where others simply cannot.

Fundamentally boils down to two major factors

1) That you can afford the monthly repayments.
2) That you are in some way traceable at your current address.

We help many people every year obtain a new or nearly new vehicle through our bad credit car lease options. Who then go on to become longer term customers, often moving into a mainstream car lease at the end of the contract hire.

Its very important to note that we do not judge your position, we understand that there are many different reasons for having a bad credit rating, which include

  • Job Redundancy
  • Business Downturns
  • Relationship Breakdowns
  • Global Economic Downturn
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Zero Hour Contracts

What Happens?

The process is kept very simple, in the first place you can make a quick application to see if you are eligible for one of our bad credit car leasing options. At the end of this process you will have a good idea if we can help you.

After that, one of our trained car leasing advisors will contact you to discuss your specific requirements, and any financial difficulties you have run into. This is a very simple process, usually taking less than 10 minutes to run through all of your requirements and previous issues.

By the end of this conversation, our advisor will be able to guide you on the best course of action..in most cases, we will be able to help and take things forward to the next stage.

Next, you will complete our bad credit car leasing application. This is a short form, detailling where you live, work (or self employed) and how long you’ve been at your current job and home. This will need to be returned to us with some supporting information. Its important that the underwriting team get a really good picture of your credit history, and try to look forward as to how things might be improving to allow for a vehicle lease.

Once we have all of the information, we aim to get a decision for the car lease contract within 4 working hours. In a large proportion of cases this will be ACCEPTED and you can then start looking at vehicles.

We carry a large range of vehicles in stock, and thousands available for almost immediate delivery throughout the UK. This can range from a small city car like perhaps the Skoda CitiGo, right through to Range Rovers and Jaguars.

The next step is the deposit. In many cases, we are able to offer a £500 deposit on our non status car leasing contracts. This makes a fantastic entry point, reducing the strain by lowering the deposit has been welcomed by many for a number of years now.

Once your deposit is paid, the documentation will be with you within a couple of days, check it carefully and return via post (preferably recorded). Once we have the car lease documentation back, we can start to arrange the delivery.

Delivery typically happens within 7-10 working days of the receipt of documents. We will get your vehicle ready, service where necessary, valet and then it will be delivered to you by one of our professional vehicle delivery drivers.

The process is designed to be as painless as possible. We understand that people can hit hard times, which can adversely effect both their credit file and subsequent applications for credit. Rest assured, in many cases we can help with a bad credit car lease where many others cannot.

Feel free to browse our website, perhaps take a look at the contracts in detail, or example vehicle prices. If you’re interested in progressing further forward use our quick application to get an immediate indication and a follow up at a time convenient for you!


Example Bad Credit Leasing Prices
More Information About Bad Credit Leasing

The Process

A breakdown of the process in getting your new lease vehicle

1) Complete Our Short Online Enquiry

Making an application for Bad Credit Car Leasing couldn’t be easier. We do most of the work for you!

You make an initial enquiry or application using one of our forms. Which will quickly be forwarded securely onto one of our trained advisors.

Ultracars uses strict SSL-only transmission, over a SHA256 connection using a 2048 bit encryption key..we really do care about protecting your information!

2) One Of Our Sales Advisors Will Be In Touch

Usually within an hour or so, one of our specially trained bad credit car leasing advisors will call you. If its an inconvenient time then let us know, and we’ll structure the call for a better time.

Your advisor will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about leasing a vehicle, guiding you through the process to see if you’d like to continue your application to the next stage.

Our advisors do not judge you! We will take a completely impartial view, and give best advice and practises where possible. If you have any concerns at all, you can raise them directly with your sales advisor.

They know all of the current car leasing offers and will be able to assist in finding a car lease which best suits your needs and budget. Particularly for clients with Bad Credit, we need to ensure that the contract isn’t going to put you under any undue pressure and potentially cause more credit problems in the future.

3) Make Your Application

Once you’ve decided to proceed with your car leasing application, we’ll send you the welcome pack. This includes the actual application form, and a breakdown of all the additional supporting information we might need.

This is a relatively simple process, and we’re totally geared towards digital communications. You can send the information to us by any of the following means

  • Fax
  • Email
  • MMS Multimedia Message

Which enables us to proceed further with your application. Once received, your information is securely transferred to our head office for underwriting. The process is very swift, sometimes getting car leasing finance decisions back on the same day!

The underwriting team will go through your application, carefully assessing your ability to cover the monthly repayments of a bad credit car contract. They will request any additional supporting information via your sales advisor and, all being well provide you with a vehicle finance acceptance quickly!

4) Order Your Vehicle

Hopefully by now, you should be accepted for a vehicle lease, regardless of any bad credit history, CCJs, etc that you might have. This is a carefully made decision by our underwriters, that they’re confident you will be able to repay the contract without getting into further problems.

Nows the time to order your new vehicle!

Sometimes we offer deposits from as low as £500, so things can move really quickly but your sales advisor will soon let you know what deposit/initial rental amount will be required for your new vehicle lease. This can be paid in a number of ways, most people preferring to use a credit or debit card over the telephone to make the payment.

Once your deposit has been received, then all finance documents will be drawn up and posted out to you first class. Generally speaking, if we get the deposit before 12:00 midday, we can get the documents sent out the same day.

When they arrive, carefully check them..this is your car lease agreement. Ofcourse, should you have any worries or concerns then you can feel free to contact your sales advisor who will guide you through the process answering any queries you might have.

Once the documents have been returned and verified then we can at that point arrange delivery of your new vehicle!

5) Take Delivery

Generally speaking, we can arrange delivery to take place on average, in around 7-10 days. Although in some cases this can be much quicker. In the event that your new lease vehicle is in stock, serviced and valetted ready to go..you might be able to have it even quicker!

Vehicles can either be delivered nationally by professional and courteous delivery drivers or you are more than welcome to visit our office near Gatwick to collect the vehicle yourself..we’ll even make you a hot drink!