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Bad Credit Van Leasing

Bad Credit Van Leasing

Having a business and not having a reliable vehicle is a recipe for failure, now throw into the mix an unhealthy credit score, and you could find yourself with a massive headache! Dont worry here at UltraCar we have the solution.

We are leasing vans to sole traders and larger limited companies alike, from single vans to entire fleets we have a lease that will suit your requirements.

The van Leasing Process

Our application process for vans is the same for cars, whether you want a personal or business lease. We are still assessing your application individually, and we are still looking at affordability and traceability. Great News! We do not charge any upfront fees for processing your application!

You simply need to complete our application form for either business or personal

Then send in your supporting documents, which are- 3 months worth of current business bank statements - These need to be detailed - clearly show your incoming, outgoing and running balance.
In some applications the underwriters may request to see Directors personal bank statements in order to full fill the affordability criteria. *Please note phone app screen shots do not give enough detail
*A copy of a utility bill or similar to show your name and address *A copy of your drivers licence - If you are not using a photo ID licence then a copy of your passport will also be required.

We aim to get an answer from our underwriters within 2 working days.

Which vans do you lease?

We do not hold stock of vehicles, this means we can source and purchase the van which closest fits your requirements within your approved budget.

How long does it take to get my van?

From the day you make your initial payment (or a % of) it will take 10 working days to get your van delivered to you.