Toyota Yaris Review 2017

The Toyota Yaris 2017 – Review

As one of the brands best-selling models in terms of small car sales in the UK, the Toyota Yaris has long competed with the hugely popular Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, and in more recent years the Volkswagen Polo and even the Skoda Fabia in the super-mini class. With this in mind, it is easy to see why Toyota have chosen to give this little car a bit of a face lift.

How has it changed?

Toyota Yaris Review exterior view

Toyota Yaris

There have been considerable updates to the Yaris or 2017, all of which suggest a promise of improved performance, ride comfort, interior quality and handling. The slow selling three-door hatchback body and the diesel engine have been ditched, the old 1.33 litre petrol motor has been replaced with a 1.5 litre one which is both more powerful and more economical. This newer model engine also appears in the Yaris Hybrid alongside an electric motor, whilst still allowing it to remain unique within the small car class. In addition to all this the new model Yaris has revised steering, suspension and a variety of measures designed to reduce engine drone and vibration.

The performance of the new Yaris

All in all, the 1.0 litre three-cylinder model is very slow, it needs to be worked hard and even then, it struggles to keep up with traffic especially on faster roads and hilly terrain. For the small upgrade cost the 1.5 four cylinder is a much more flexible option. It has better throttle response and if you rev it hard enough quite a decent turn of pace. The 1.5 litre petrol engine of the Hybrid model is better still, although still not as quick as it could be. Unfortunately, neither of them have the same strong power delivery of the other latest small turbo petrol engines on the market.

The Interior

As with previous Yaris models this one has the height-adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel that adjusts, although perhaps not enough for taller drivers. The seats offer good support for longer journeys although the lever adjustment in the seats offers less precision than the wheel system used in other similar cars. Pedal placement is good and the simple controls are all in easy reach and view of the driver’s position.

Toyota Review cabin  view

Toyota Yaris cabin view

The upright design of the windscreen, large side windows and good sized rear screen offer excellent all-round visibility, and the pillars do not block the view.

When it comes to build quality however, the Yaris is what it is; some of the trims appear flimsy and whilst the soft-touch plastic inserts on the dash and doors give the car a reasonably plush feel the harder plastic lower down give it an overall feeling of being not quite as plush or as nicely finished as some of its rivals.

Our verdict on the Toyota Yaris

The Yaris 2017 is certainly an improvement on previous models, it offers a comfortable ride with generous standard equipment. The Hybrid would certainly not make a bad company car, but there is no getting away from it, this is not a really quiet car so really its suitability will depend entirely on what sort of driving you plan on using it for.  If you find yourself with a poor credit score and would like to lease a Yaris, you can from us!

Cars for a princess

Cars Fit for a Princess

The Queen in her Land RoverWhen it comes to travel, the British Royal family have a wide variety of different modes of transport that are available to them; the royal helicopter, the royal train and of course plenty of cars; there is however no longer a royal yacht following its decommissioning in 1997. In fact, the Royal Family has more cars than you might find at a large taxi firm.

The Queen has at least three Rolls-Royce’s, two Daimler’s and two Bentley’s at her disposal for royal engagements. The Queen, who is the only person in the UK not required to hold a driving licence is a keen driver having learned to drive during the Second World War when she drove a first aid truck for the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service. She can often be seen driving around her estate in what is probably her favourite car the Land Rover.

Princess Diana

The Princess owned a 1994 Audi Cabriolet which she was regularly seen driving both Prince William and Prince Harry around in. The convertible green sports car was owned by Diana for around 3 years prior to her death and she drove about 4,000 miles in it. Prior to her marriage to Prince Charles Diana drove a dark red Austin Mini Metro L, a very modest car for a princess to be.Princess Diana's Audi

Duchess of Cambridge

Before her marriage, Kate Middleton drove a Volkswagen Golf Mk IV, she then changed to an Audi A3, which it is said Prince William upgraded for the duchess as a wedding gift, so that his bride could drive the more upmarket Audi A8. Very much the modern couple the Duchess has shared a number of cars over the last couple of years with her husband. Prior to the birth of Prince George, the car of choice was a Jaguar XJ, and of course everyone will remember the luxury Range Rover that they drove their son home from the hospital in. All of these cars are, of course, in addition to the fleet of luxury chauffer driven cars that the Princess has access to for official engagements.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret's Rolls RoyceThe Queen’s sister was especially fond of luxurious cars and owned amongst others a 1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II.

Princess Ann, The Princess Royal

Princess Anne, who is one of the most active member of the royal family has owned a number of cars over the years, a Reliant Scimitar and a number of Bentley’s, including a 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Unfortunately, whilst behind the wheel of one of her Bentley’s in 2001 Princess Anne was stopped for speeding, 93 mph in a 70 mph zone. She pleaded guilty and was issued with a fine and 5 penalty points on her license.The evoque fit for a princess

The Princesses of York

Both Princess Beatrice and her younger sister Princess Eugenie have both owned luxury Range Rover Evoque’s, Beatrice opted for the black version of the £40,000 car whilst her sister chose a white model instead.

It’s clear to see that princesses like their cars, but which one do you think has the best taste?

Fame and Car Collections

Car Collections are owned by all sorts of famous people, not just footballers!

When you have plenty of money it’s easy to indulge and buy the things you like, whether its designer shoes, clothing or even collecting cars.  When it comes to collecting cars there are plenty of celebrities who have some pretty amazing collections. There are those who prefer the rarer vintage models, others who can’t get enough of the classic models, and then of course there are those collectors who prefer the more modern cars, designed for their speed. The one thing they all have in common is they love their collection, and can’t resist being given the chance to show them off.

Rowan Atkinson, there is nothing funny about his car collection

Rowan and his Mercedes SLS AMG from his car collection

Rowan and his Mercedes SLS 

Best known for his portrayal of TV’s Mr Bean, and of course the little yellow mini. In reality, Rowan Atkinson is a very serious car collector, unfortunately he also has a penchant for speed and has crashed more than once. His impressive collection of cars includes: Aston Martin V8 Vantage Zagato, Acura NSX, Aston Martin DB2, 1939 BMW 328, and a handful of other timeless luxury cars. He recently sold his McLaren F1, following extensive restoration work which cost him in the region of £2 million.

Jay Leno certainly talks the talk with his collection of cars

What do you do when your car collection is too big for your garage? You display them in an airport hangar of course! And that’s exactly what American TV host Jay Leno has done. His collection of over 130 cars and 90 motorcycles includes everything from vintage to new, and even includes some super rare cars. With so many cars in his collection it is impossible to list them all but here are a few of the most notable ones: McLaren F1, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Lamborghini Countach, Lamborghini Murcielago Super Veloce, and a 1906 Stanley Steamer Cup Racer.

Chris Evans

Radio DJ, and former presenter of Top Gear Chris Evans is one of Britain most famous car collectors. It is safe to say that Evans is rather a fan of Ferraris, his collection boasts several, but perhaps the most stunning model in his collection is a Ferrari GTO which he purchased for £12 million in 2010. Other cars in his collection include: MK1 Ford Escort Mexico, Daimler SP250 Dart, Ferrari 328 GTS, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California Spyder, Jaguar XK120.

Floyd Mayweather car collection

Boxing a great car collection – Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s car collection certainly packs a punch

The boxing champion owns an impressive collection of cars which includes not one but three Bugatti’s. There is one distinct theme to the star’s collection and that is that most his cars are white. Some of the other cars in this impressive collection include: Bentley Mulsanne, Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz S600, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Murcielago, Bugatti Grand Sport

Lewis Hamilton

He might drive for McLaren but Formula one racing driver, Lewis Hamilton has an impressive car collection that includes plenty of other makes. He has recently added a LaFerrari, to his collection which also includes a Shelby GT500 and a Pagani Zonda 760 to name but a few.

It’s clear to see that for the rich and famous, car collecting is a much beloved hobby – but which star’s taste would you emulate if you had the chance?

Footballers Cars

Famous Footballers and Their Car Collections

As some of the highest paid sports stars in the world footballers command incredible weekly salaries, and whilst the career of a footballer can potentially be relatively short lived they certainly do not need to save it all for a rainy day. So, once they have bought a big house, maybe two what exactly do footballers spend their money on? Quite a few of the most famous footballers have indulged in their love of cars and have amassed some pretty impressive car collections.

Cristiano Ronaldo not only a famous footballer, but is also famed for his car collection.

footballers cars - Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Three-times winner of the FIFA Balloon d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the greatest football players ever. He is as flash as they come and has a rather flamboyant car collection, to match his personality, housed in its own rather large garage. It is estimated that the collection of the Real Madrid winger is worth around £4 million. The collection which is said to number around 19 cars includes a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorina, a Ferrari F430, a Ferrari 599 GTO, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Porsche 911 Turbo S, a Maserati Giancarlo and a Bugatti Veyron to name just a few!

Does anyone really notice the car that David Beckham drives?

Having played for Manchester United, Real Madrid. L.A. Galaxy, AC Milan, PSG and of course England during his lengthy career, David Beckham is probably one of the most recognised football players there has ever been. Worth a reported $450 million it is easy to see how he has amassed a rather stunning collection of cars. Including; a Porsche 911 Turbo, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a Chevy Camaro, a Bentley Continental SuperSport, a Cadillac Escalade, an Audi S8, a BentleyMulsanne, a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, a Range Rover Evoque, a Hummer H2 and many more. David Beckham is also a brand ambassador for Jaguar, who have loaned him cars on occasion to add to his collection, all be it temporarily! However because of his huge fame, people are more interested in looking at him, and getting a picture, rather than studying the vehicle he is driving.

David Beckham in one of his footballers cars

David Beckham

Mario Balotelli known for wrapping his cars

Controversial striker Mario Balotelli, who has played for Italy, Manchester City and Liverpool, had a huge collection of cars which, unlike some footballers who like to keep under the radar, he enjoys showing off. Having come from a rather rough background and making his money very early on, it didn’t take him long to build up rather an impressive collection. He currently owns an Audi R8 V10, a Maserati GranTurismo, a Bentley Continental SuperSport, a Ferrari 458 Spider, a Ferrari F450 and aRange Rover Evoque, to name just a few of the cars in his impressive collection.

Mario Balotelli in his football waged car

Mario Balotelli

Balotelli is known for changing the look of some of his cars completely, in 2012 he revealed his new look Bentley Continental GT; he had had the £160,000 car covered in an army camouflage vinyl wrap. Not content with changing the look of his Bentley he hit the headlines again just a few weeks later when he had his white Range Rover Evoque covered in a rich gold vinyl.

With the ever-increasing funds in football, these collections are only the tip of the iceberg, and it will be interesting to see what the 2017/18 season’s footballers will be adding to their collections in the latter half of the year.


Small Cars, Small is the new Medium!

Are Small Cars Getting Bigger?

Have you noticed that small cars don’t seem to be that small any more? They certainly seem to have got bigger. It isn’t just the one manufacturer the majority seem to be doing it, so if you are looking for a new small car it is worth noting that some models which you might have considered to be small cars are now medium sized and in their place, is a new smaller car.

Why are cars getting bigger?

There are 3 main reasons that cars are getting bigger:

  • To compete in an increasingly competitive market, car manufacturers need to listen to what customers want, and that is bigger cars. In some countries, bigger cars are a status symbol, in others, people simple want more space for passengers and all the bits and pieces they need to carry around. Manufacturers are responding to this demand, because if they don’t they could lose sales.
  • Studies have shown that larger cars are safer, not only for drivers and their passengers but also for pedestrians as well. This is to do with the proportions of the bonnet on a car in respect of where the engine, the heaviest and hardest bit of a car sits.
  • Not all big cars are gas guzzlers, in fact with modern engines and bigger frameworks many larger cars are more fuel efficient, whilst being more powerful. They are certainly more economical in the long room, which can give some definite food for thought when looking for a new car.

VW Golf once a small car, now sitting in medium.

small cars getting bigger VW Golf

VW Golf has been growing in size with each generation

Once a very firm favourite with small car buyers, the VW Golf has certainly grown over the years. In 2011 Volkswagen introduced the Up to their range, this new small car took the place of the now much bigger golf in their range. The big question here is why not simply keep the golf the small car and firm favourite that it was and introduce the Up as the larger car. The answer lies in the development of the Golf, over the years the golf had been getting a little bigger with each model that Volkswagen introduced so rather than revert to its previous size they simply filled the gap in their range with a new model. And the reason for a new small car, well even though buyers had been showing a preference for larger cars as more and more people take to the roads there is certainly a market for a smaller car.

Vauxhall Corsa

The same can be said for Vauxhall. The Corsa, the small car of their range, has grown over the years to fill the demand for larger cars. And in its place Vauxhall began selling the Adam in 2013, billed as a city car, rather than a small car, it seems clear that their main target audience is younger drivers in big cities where space is at a premium.

Fiat 500 the ultimate small car

Fiat 500 the iconic small car

Fiat 500 will always be the iconic small car

Some models never change. The Fiat 500 remains the small car it has always been, and Fiat have bucked the trend to increase the size of their small car and then introduce a smaller car to their range. The Fiat 500X, released in 2014 is their bigger version, whilst the Fiat 500 remains the small car that they are known for.

Are you a small car fanatic? Have you noticed the trend for bigger cars and do you love or loathe the idea of driving something bigger? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Fathers Day Special, Which car would you choose?

Fathers Day Special – What Car Would You Like to Give Your Father?

Today is the 18th June and Fathers Day in the UK, if you are only realising this by reading this blog, hopefully its the morning and you can grab a card, if its the afternoon  you can still get away with it, if its night a text is lame but forgivable, if its after the 18th….. That is why your Dad is no longer answering your calls!

Whilst most Dad’s will be waking up to a new mug, a bottle of their favourite spirit or a novelty gift with a picture drawn by their children on it, it’s always nice to dream about what you would get for your dad if money was no object.

Picking the right car to give your dad could be tricky but here are our suggestions of the best cars to buy for dad based on some of the typical dad stereotypes.

Fathers day car for the Slippers and Pipe Dad

Lexus GS mk4 fathers day car

Lexus GS Mrk 4

If your dad could be described as the slippers and pipe type then you should be thinking about a car that is comfortable and reliable. In fact, it should be very reliable, the kind of car that will require minimum upkeep. According to the reliability index top 100 UK cars list, because let’s face it if your dad fits this category then he will probably have checked the stats, the Ford Ka scores very highly in the reliability stakes, so would make the perfect gift.  If your Dad should demand a larger car then the Lexus GS Mk4 ranks even higher with a larger price tag.

The Sporty Dad

When it comes to sporty cars there are plenty of options out there that would be perfect for the sporty dad. Obviously, sports cars don’t come cheap so you are probably looking at spending quite a bit of money. You could go for a Ferrari but perhaps that’s just too obvious. Personally, I would choose the Mazda MX-5, this distinctly affordable open topped car certainly has the look, now all you have to do is pick a colour…is red too obvious?

The Hippy Dad

Hippy Dad type VW Camper van for fathers day

VW Camper Van

You know the type, long hair, vegetarian, has a keen interest in the environment and recycling, no gas guzzling car for this dad. How about a Tesla? Buying a Tesla will be a little more complicated than other makes of car as there are relatively few showrooms in the UK, and your car will need to be made to order before being shipped over from the US. But the network of charging points is growing rapidly so travelling around isn’t the problem it used to be.

Of course, for the true hippy dad you may want to search out a VW camper van, the ultimate in hippie transport.

The Outdoor Dad

Land Rover is synonymous with the great outdoors, so If money was no object and it would need to be because Land Rovers are on the more expensive side then one of their current models would be perfect. Plenty of boot space for all those things you would probably want to take with you, but sleek enough to not look out of place in any big town.

Golfing Dads

Check out our other blog Best Golfing Cars here.

Unfortunately, unless most of us win the lottery it looks like the only car we could buy for our dads would be a matchbox version of one of the above. But who knows, this time next year?………..

Celebrity Wedding Cars

Celebrity Wedding Cars, who is arriving in what?

Weddings, and especially celebrity ones, are big business, with brides often going all out to organise the wedding day they have been dreaming of with little expense spared. Whilst the press is often anxious to get the first photographs of the bride, and particularly her dress, celebrity guests and any other details; the car they arrive in, which plays such a big part in the wedding day is often overlooked in these photos. So, what cars do celebrities pick to get them to the church on time?

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews went classic with their wedding car

Vintage celebrity wedding car for PippaWhen the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister married her Fiancé, in May this year her choice of wedding car was a stunning and very classic vintage 1951 Jaguar MK V. With the top down this beautiful black and grey car was the perfect choice for the warm spring day. But there was another car that played an important part in the happy couple’s big day; the groom drove his new bride to their wedding reception in a classic green open top Jaguar E-type, the oldest surviving model.

Vintage car for Geri Halliwell

When Geri Halliwell, Ginger Spice, married her fiancé, F1 Infiniti Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner, she chose a vintage Rolls Royce to take her to Woburn Abbey for the ceremony, with a twist, it was driven by a racing driver. Her groom arrived at the church in a £350,000 DB5 Retro-style Aston Martin car which he had bought as a wedding gift for his bride.

Kim Kardashian

The Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe was the car of choice for Kim Kardashian for her short-lived wedding to Chris Humphries, not known for doing anything in short measures she didn’t just hire one car but a whole fleet of them to transport her and her wedding party to the venue. Oh, and they all had to be white to fit in with the colour scheme of the wedding, with such a convoy she certainly made the headlines the next day.

When Kim married Kanye, she kept things a little more-low key, well in Kardashian terms anyway, and arrived at the wedding venue in a Mercedes-Benz, as part of a convoy with the rest of her family.

Declan Donnelly (Dec) arrived with Ant in his wedding car

Ant drove the wedding car for his pal DecIn 2015 Declan Donnelly (of Ant and Dec fame) married his manager Ali Astall, it was the groom and his best man who stole the show, arriving at the wedding venue in an Aston Martin Vanquish. The bride had arrived just a little while before them in an elegant black Rolls Royce Phantom.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

When the Hollywood actor married his Fiancée last year in a secret ceremony on the Isle of Wight, the happy couple chose a stunning Mark VII Jaguar as their wedding car. However, as the car was pictured pulling up to the venue without the bride or groom there is some speculation as to whether they in fact used it or it was just a rather stunning ruse to keep people attention focused in a different direction!

We’re sure the car is not the be all and end all when it comes to planning your big day, but as celeb weddings only set to get bigger and better than the last, we’re interested to see what celebrity wedding cars will turn up in next!

What did you have as your wedding car?

Goodbye Pointless Road Signs

Waving Bye Bye to Pointless Road Signs

Pointless road signs, no entry at a dead end?We have all experienced it, that mad panic when you are trying to get somewhere, relying on the road signs but there are too many –  you only manage to read half the information they contain. Then, of course, you inevitably end up taking the wrong turning because you couldn’t quite work out which one you needed. Well the good news is that all that is about to change – or is it good news? Will removing some of those pointless road signs lead to confusion, and maybe even some unfairly dished out penalties?

Traffic Signs Regulators and General Directions 2016

In May 2016, the Department for Transport wrote the Traffic Signs Regulators and General Directions (TSRGD) 2016, the document that outlines the new rules regarding those road signs that are unnecessary or undated and how, and when, they can be removed from our roads.

It is estimated that the number of signs on our roads which was around 2.45 million In England in 1993 had more than doubled by 2013 to around 4.57 million. The new and much simpler rules will give local councils the power to take down any unnecessary signs. For example, signs that refer to “new” layout ahead will now have remove by dates on the back to prevent the confusion that is caused by leaving them in lace for many years. It is hoped that by removing some of these pointless road signs drivers will be less distracted, there will be less of an eyesore and that by 2020 around £30 million of tax payer’s money will be saved. If there are fewer signs that need to be lit up at night then energy costs and light pollution should decrease.

Which road signs will the new rules affect?

Lots of road signs togetherSigns advising of a new roundabout of new layout, are often left up for years; under the new guideline it is recommended that they are taken down within 3 months. Each one will have a remove by date on the back, and residents will be able to hold their local authority accountable if they are not removed. Some other signs that fall into this category include:

  • New road layout ahead
  • New traffic islands ahead
  • Signal timings changed ahead
  • New zebra crossing ahead
  • Gap closed ahead
  • Changed priorities ahead

What will this mean for motorists?

Obviously as motorists we are used to this glut of excess signage so it is important to consider the impact the sudden removal of many road signs could make. Whilst it is all very well to remove the signs that have outstayed their requirements it is important that safety-vital signage is not removed to make the roadsides less cluttered.

The most controversial one is that surrounding the removal of repeat speed limit signs, it has been shown that drivers often need to be reminded of the speed limit, and in view of the governments new stance on enforcing the speed limits more closely there is a distinct possibility that this could lead to confusion which could see penalties being dished out somewhat unfairly.

What’s your take on removal of these ‘pointless’ signs? Will it help you concentrate better on the road, or do you think you’ll end up paying for it?



Citroen Design, French car designs

Citroën Design Over the Years

Andre-Gustave Citroen creator of the citroen car designsFounded in 1919 by French industrialist André-Gustave Citroën, the company has been a part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group since 1976. With over 100 years of history in the automotive industry they have bought some truly iconic designs, as well as some rather innovative technology to the public eye.

Traction Avant

Manufactured in 1934 the Traction Avant (French for front wheel drive) was the world’s first mass produced car. With its sturdy and rather clumsy body shape the Traction Avant brought several design ideas to the table, not only was it front wheel drive but it also had a rather unitary body with no separate frame and 4-wheel independent suspension. It was designed with the concept of mass production in mind. It was much lighter, safer and better to drive and more economical than other cars of the time.

2CV iconic Citroen design

Citroen design - 2CVIn 1948 Citroën introduce what is probably their most iconic car, the Citroën 2CV. This was completely different to anything else on the road and was designed with a very specific purpose in mind.  2CV (deux chevaux-vapeur) literally 2 steam horse (power), was designed to provide rural people, farmers with a motorised version of the horse and cart the majority were still using to move around.  It was utilitarian, with a soft roof that could be rolled back to accommodate big loads, easy to maintain, and reliable.  It was incredibly popular and its rather boxy curved shape became a very familiar sight on the roads in France right up to 1990 when production ceased.

Citroën DS

1955 saw the introduction of the DS, this striking looking car featured many of the ideas Citroën had used in their previous models but the overall package was a car with a much sleeker and elegant look. It was one of the most technically advanced cars of its time and it had the looks to go with the technology.

Citroën SM

The SM was a sporty coupe variant of the DS that appeared on the market in 1970. It had all the hallmarks of a typical 1970’s car, long bonnet with a sleek line, ending in a slightly stubby boot. At the time, this car was built Citroën owned Maserati, and the SM is the result of their collaboration. Like many of their previous cars it featured several industry firsts; variable power steering, rain sensitive windscreen wipers and it even had a choice of 2.7 and 3 litre V6 petrol engines.

The popular DS3 is a stunning Citroen design

DS3 is a fine example of Citroen designFast forward to 2010 and the Citroën DS3, and with this car they really rediscovered their mojo, no more playing it safe for Citroën. The DS3 was a in some ways a tribute to the original DS whilst sharing very few similarities. This sporty looking, sleek little 3 door car offers a smooth drive and looks fantastic. Furthermore available to lease from us if you have a bad credit rating, see here.

Citroën C4 Picasso

2014 saw the launch of the Picasso, a beautiful 5 door car with all the style and elegance you could want from a smaller car, and of course that is combined with the legendary Citroën technologies such as hydro -pneumatic suspension.

If you have a poor credit rating and wish to lease a Citroen then take a look here.

With an ability to keep up with drivers’ changing requirements and a focus on quality design, it’s no wonder Citroën is a popular choice of vehicle. Which is your favourite design?

Manufacturers car names, the best and worst!

Car Names – Are Manufactures Running out of Ideas?

To be fair to car manufacturers all over the world, there are new makes and models being released all the time, so it must be increasingly difficult to get it just right, especially when it comes to thinking up new car names.

Over the course of history there have been more than a few occasions when they have got this spectacularly wrong, although there have been a few occasions when they have got it just right. Of course, some of the names may just have lost a certain something in translation!

Manufacturers car names Duster, feather or car?Household Cleaning Object?

The Dacia Duster, this one is quite a modern contender, and certainly near the top of the list for worst car names ever, although it must be said that is it actually an incredibly popular compact SUV in the UK. Not a bad car but come on Dacia, really Duster? The name really lets it down!

Cars Named for Food

Mitsubishi seems to have a fondness for bad car names with both the Pistachio, which was manufactured in both yellow and lime green, and the lettuce a car with 2 doors on the passenger side and just one on the driver’s side, and disappointingly it only came in white. And if you have never heard of either of them then there is probably a very good reason they never caught on!

Minibus / Vans ar not excluded form manufacturers bad car names

Nissan badly named vanThere are two strong contenders in this category for the worst name; the Nissan Homy Super Long, an extra-long minibus / van, and the Mazda Bongo Friendee. Some versions of the Mazda came complete with pop up roof, very evocative of camping at festivals, and it has to be said that the name certainly brings a smile to your face.

Ford hit the jackpot with the name of their car, the Mustang

Manufacturers Ford chose the best name for the MustangOne of the most famous car names in the world, and one in particular that is known by its model rather than its make. When they picked this name Ford  were not horsing around and certainly ticked all the right boxes.

Rolls Royce

The car name is synonymous with luxurious and elegant travel and they certainly know how to pick a name, and when you get something right why change it? Following the success of the Rolls Royce Phantom, a car that almost appears to glide along with elegance and beauty, many of the subsequent models have simply had a number added to the name. Then there are the equally elegant and luxurious Silver Ghost, Silver Cloud and even the Silver Shadow; simple? Maybe. Safe? Possibly. But perfect for the vehicles? Definitely.

Ford KaFord Ka logo best name or worst?

A car that could belong to either category, either someone was having an off day with an inability to create a new name or this name was a positive stroke of genius. Love it or hate it, it certainly deserves a mention. Of course, as with so many car names the Ford Ka works much better in its original language, leading to many a humorous conversation- but it doesn’t work quite as well in countries where English is not the common language.

We’d love to hear which car name is your favourite, and which you think is the worst – is it one mentioned here, we have only scratched the surface!? Let us know!