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2017 Vauxhall Astra

Side shot of the 2017 Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra has always been a favourite in the hatchback category and this new generation model is packing a punch!

Obvious rivals here are the Ford Focus and the VW Golf – let’s see what the Astra has to offer and why it’s looking like a front runner.

Front and rear shot of the 2017 Vauxhall Astra

There are a wide range of engines and trims available.

The trim levels run from entry-level Design, through Tech Line, Energy, SRi and Elite, and there are a total of seven engines and several of them have more than one power variant. At the bottom end, Vauxhall’s great 1.0-litre 3cyl turbo petrol has 104bhp, while the cheapest 1.4-litre petrol has 99bhp. There are also two power variants of the 1.4-litre turbo - 124bhp or 149bhp - and the fastest Astra is the 197bhp 1.6 turbo petrol available on SRi and Elite trims. If you want an automatic gearbox, the option is available with the 1.0 and 1.4-litre petrol engines, plus the 125bhp 1.6 CDTi diesel.

Inside the Astra looks great and is filled with some high level tech. Vauxhall prefers to offer its navigation system as part of a trim level, hence the SRi Nav and Elite Nav models that are available.

Interior of the 2017 Vauxhall Astra

They’ve clearly given much thought to what makes a great navigation system with the Astra becoming one of the best with a combination of clear graphics and a simple menu system. With this new model, you don’t have to press any buttons at all! One call to an OnStar operator (working 24/7) and you can have directions downloaded directly to your car. OnStar is so good it won the 2015 Auto Express Technology Award.

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