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2040 Car Confusion

Are you confused to what will be happening in 2040 regarding our motoring?

It seems hard to believe that in 2040 forecourts selling new cars will only have a choice of pure electric and zero emission hybrids.
What will happen to the affordable car, as many of the hybrids and electric are priced far higher than their petrol and diesel counterparts. Will the government be assisting us all in purchasing new? Will there be a grand scrapage scheme, making the deal to good to be true? Lets face it in the real world although many of us would like to consider the environment first, we are in fact swayed by what we can actually afford.
There is even talk of any subsidies for drivers wanting to buy an electric or zero emission vehicles being reduced, further making the option to change far from many of our reaches.

2040 car confusion, diesel pump one day a thing of the past

What will happen to my petrol or diesel car in the year 2040?

As far as we can tell from research nothing, you wont be suddenly breaking any laws, but we anticipate much higher tariffs making the your current cars running costs so high that the only alternative would be to change. The government are giving local councils the power to introduce localised charges on petrol and diesel use, as well as giving them the power to introduce bans on vehicles at certain times or in certain areas.
Will we see greedy councils cashing in on the poor unfortunate driver… yet again!

from 2040 will this pump become a thing of the past?

Confidence in electric

There needs to be a lot more work done to give confidence to drivers, a control on pricing, and a visible increase in charging points to name a couple.
As we build up to 2040 we should expect to see both of these key concerns addressed.

Whats the alternative to those who have a bad credit rating?

If the Electric and Hybrids are still out of your purchasing reach, or you have concerns about purchasing a hybrid only to find in a small amount of time those also will also come to an end (remember once we were all encourage to go the diesel route). Then perhaps the answer for you is leasing. By leasing you will only have the vehicle for the lease term (generally about 3 years), should the government shift towards electric only, it wont be your problem, but the problem of the lease company.

By leasing a vehicle you are removing the worry of finding the funds to purchase a car outright, yet still benefiting from driving a new car.

So as we see 2040 on the horizon, we do have options, but lets face it anything could change before the year arrives!

Details of the government ban by 2040 can be found here