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Cars Over 40 Are MOT Exempt

40 year Old Cars Are Now Exempt From Having To Have A MOT

Was Your Car Registered In May 1978 or earlier?

The latest changes to the MOT Test brought in May this year (2018) has seen a change in what is classed as a historic vehicle.
Now vehicles which are were registered before May 1978 will now be exempt from requiring a MOT test, previously this only applied to vehicles built before 1960. So basically if you have a vehicle which is over 40 years old then you do not require an MOT test, however it is always recommend to get your vehicle checked over regularly, to ensure it is safe to drive.

If your vehicle is classed as a historic vehicle then you will need to declare that it meets the rules of not requiring a MOT test, when you update your road tax.

With so many new rules and taxations on vehicles, its a wonder that more of us are not driving around in old cars - No need for an MOT, and if its classed as a historic vehicle its free car tax!!!

If you are located in the UK you can check your vehicles MOT History here

Vehicles Over 40 years old do not need a MOT

Is there any reason why my 40 year old car will still require an MOT?

If your old car is over 40 and have not had any significant changes to it, then its exempt, however if the vehicle has had substantial changes in the past 30 years then it will need to be MOT tested. There is an acceptable alteration category, and you can check this list here

The substantial changes category includes changes to the following-

  • Chassis - (unless its like for like)
  • Monocoque Bodbyshell - (unless its like for like)
  • Axles and running gear - alterations of the suspension and/or steering
  • Engine - (Alternative cubic capacities of the same basic engine does not fall into the substantial change category)

Other substantial changes include-

  • The vehicle has a Q registration plate
  • It is a kit car
  • It is a reconstructed classic vehicle
  • It is a kit conversion

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However remember that if any of these changes took place before the 30 year time line then it is not classed as a substantial change. For a more in depth read about the do’s and don’t’s pop over to the government website here (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/historic-classic-vehicles-mot-exemption-criteria/historic-classic-vehicles-mot-exemption-criteria)

If you are unsure about your vehicle and need some advice check out the Federation of British Historic vehicle Clubs (http://www.fbhvc.co.uk/legislation-and-fuels/vhi-declarations-and-advisors/) Where you can find useful information.