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5 Best Motoring Apps

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  1. JamCam Traffic Cameras £1.49

If you only believe it when you see it with your own eyes, JamCam lets you view real-time images from the UK’s motorways and trunk roads

  1. Motorway Services UK £0.69

Tiredness kills. Take a break. This app gives details of where motorway services are located, who operates them, which shops and restaurants are on site, and a host of other information. It also rates them in the number of burgers they get out of five

  1. PetrolPrices Pro £2.99

With petrol prices breaking records, over time this app could save you a lot of money. It grants access to a premium database of petrol station locations and prices. You can search by location if you’re in an unfamiliar area

PetrolPrices Pro screenshots

  1. RingGo FREE

No change to pay for parking? If it’s a RingGo site – and there are thousands all over the country – you can pay via your smartphone. Type in the car park’s four-digit code, your registration number and credit card details. Helpfully remembers it all for next time, too

  1. TyreSafe FREE

If you don’t know the tyre pressures of your car, help is at hand. Search for the answer by make and model


Vehicle Light FREE

A blown bulb need not mean a potentially expensive trip to a main dealer. Lamp maker Osram’s handy database of every make and model tells you exactly which replacement component you need