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7 Surprising Stats About Car Leasing


The car leasing industry is often a business which is misunderstood by many people. Here are some stats which might change your mind about car leasing!

  1. The car leasing industry is a £14 billion industry, meaning that more people than ever are taking out car leases instead of buying cars.

  2. The car leasing industry creates 33,897 jobs! This is a brilliant industry to be supporting.

  3. Since 2012, the numbers of cars leased in the UK rose by 38%.

  4. Record numbers of younger people are leasing cars, the numbers of 12-35 year old’s leasing cars going up by 46%.

  5. The value of the car leasing industry is set to rise 5.9% over the next ten years.

  6. The car leasing industry is currently in the ‘mature stage’ of its life cycle, this means continued reduction in costs and better deals for you as the customer.

  7. 44.7% of vehicles leased are premium models. This is because car leasing makes having a more premium car much more affordable, meaning that you can treat yourself!

These surprising statistics show us that car leasing is a really great industry, and one which is set to grow to even greater heights in the next ten years. Car leasing is also great for you as a customer, meaning you can now afford the car of your dreams!