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Audi Recall Fire Risk

Audi recall for potential fire risk 2018

Audi along with Mercedes, VW and BMW are the most asked about leases by our customers at UltraCar, these premium manufacturers are known for their build quality and reliability.

However even with these manufacturers problems arise, and already this year we see Audi having to recall on their models due to the potential fire risk due to a failing software update not fixing a problem.

Image of the Audi A4

What is Audi’s recall problem?

The problem lays within the electric coolant pump. Audi have tried to address the problem with a software fix last year, unfortunately this has not worked. The concern is that the faulty electronic coolant pump may overheat and catch fire due to becoming blocked or develop moisture inside it, this in turn could cause an electrical shortage.

Audi recall - potential fire risk

Which Audi models are effected?

Cars impacted by the recall are: A4 (2013 to 2016), A5 (2013 to 2017), A6 (2012 to 2015) and the Q5 SUV (2013 to 2017), basically all Audi’s which have a 2 litre turbo charged engine. It is not yet clear just how many cars within the UK are affected.

How will I know if my car is has a problem?

Audi have said they will be sending out recall letters to owners of effected vehicles by June 11th.

If you lease a vehicle from UltraCar which is effected by the recall, UltraCar will be in touch with you directly.

What should happen to get the vehicle fixed? Once you have been alerted to the problem you will need to contact your local dealership to organise for your vehicle to go in and be fixed.
You should not be charged for the recall fix.

Top Tip If you have concerns about the vehicle you are driving no matter the manufacturer, you can check the vehicle to see if it has had a part or accessory recall here