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Motorists Win In Latest Budget

Good News For Motorists in latest budget

The Chancellor Philip Hammond has now told us his plans for the UK roads, in the final budget before Brexit, along with an interesting twist on fuel duty, and good news for young drivers.

But before we get too carried away with the extra funding be warned, that the budget may have to be re written if we end up with a no deal Brexit, lets be positive, and take a look at what we could expect…

Finally we will have maintained roads in the UK, £30bn has been allocated to road repairs and upgrades on Englands roads and not before time!

Philip Hammond

So lets take a look at where this £30bn is going…

£28.8bn will be allocated to upgrade England’s roads, £25.5bn going to Highways England focusing on upgrading roads between 2020 and 2025.
3.5bn is being allocated to local councils to improve major routes within their jurisdiction.

The pot hole allocation has caused a stir as this has been given £420m which is topping up an existing fund of £300m, however many are claiming that this is just a small drop in the ocean. The Asphalt Industry Alliance estimated that a spend of £8bn would be required to bring local roads up to a decent standard.
The Asphalt Industry Alliance claim that one in five of UK roads are structurally poor.

Budget Case

£150m will be going to councils for improvement on road junctions, which are deemed unsafe and not clearly marked.

Of course all this allocation of money comes as we see winter setting in, so I wonder how much will be done then undone by the weather - like other patching up previously?

Frozen Fuel Tax

We see fuel duty capped at 57.95p per litre the 9th year in a row, which is an average saving to car drivers of £1000 and £2,500 for van drivers, however we are paying over the top to other countries such as America at 10.4p and Australia 21p. So capping, may sound like a good thing but we are already paying through the nose!

Good news for young drivers ish…

There will not be a raise in Insurance Premium Tax, which will be welcome news for young drivers who are paying high insurance. The Insurance industry were quick to pick up on this, pointing out that the Insurance Premium Tax has doubled in the past 2 years. The industry were also disappointed not to see any incentives to young drivers who chose to use black box cover insurance.

Lets hope we get a deal for Brexit, other wise this is all pie in the sky!