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Royal British legion Industries - War Veterans and Road Signs

Do the road signs you see every day come from the Royal British legion Industries Factory?

This month (November) we stop and remember on Remembrance Day, and this year (2018) marked the 100th anniversary of the end of hostilities of a four year war, world war 1. At Ultracar we all wear our poppies with pride, and of course when Remembrance Day falls on a week day we acknowledge the 2 minute silence.

What is The Royal British Legion Industries?

The Royal British Legion Industries or RBLI, is a charity which supports the Armed Forces. It helps service men and women who have been injured and or are unemployed. Each year alone 9 hundred wounded or injured service personnel leave the armed forces. RBLI help support and train the service personnel to follow a new career path. The RBLI website can be found here for more information. The RBLI factory is located in Aylesford, Kent, an new factory will be opening soon in Glasgow, Scotland.
The factory trades as Britains Bravest Manufacturing Company.

RBLI Road Signs

RBLI Road signs social value

Among the industries served by the RBLI are road signs, with the biggest orders coming from Highways England. Any contractor purchasing their signs from RBLI are satisfying governmenta requirements that public funded projects deliver an element of social value, which obviously gives the RBLI signs and advantage over competitors. Its not just because of the social value however, the road signs are well made by skilled workers, they also boast a quick turnaround and fast instalation, which in turn minimises disruption on our motorways.

Which signs are being manufactured by RBLI?

The RBLI’s biggest seller is the triangular warning signs and regulatory circular signs, these are often used on the approach to junctions and slip roads. A more bespoke sign produced are the type of signs we see known as tourists gateway signs in brown.

What makes the sign different coming from this factory?

The towns name is below a full colour composite photograph of the location. Known as a Lenticular road sign, these are composed of multi lenses, and therefore show a different image or make the image look as it it is moving, depending on which angle you are looking at it.

Of course this product will be price dependent on how successful it will be, however many drivers will be pleased to not only see these signs, but also be pleased to know where these signs were produced and more importantly by whom.