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A Key Or Not A Key

A Car Key or Not A Car Key.. That Is The Question

In the good old days if you had the misfortune to lose your car keys, it was quite simple to get them replaced, and if you had a spare it was just a matter of getting one cut at a local locksmiths. However these days with modern technology a car key is, well quite frankly no longer a key but a chip.

The modern day key has various functionalities and is no longer just required to open a door or turn the ignition. It now has to release the steering lock, its chip needs to be read by the car, and it needs to remotely unlock doors and turn off alarms. In many cases the dear old key has been completely removed allowing keyless entry, and remote keyless ignition.

Keys with remote control

If you are keyless then you maybe venerable

As our cars become more advanced in technology, so do our dear friends ‘The Car Theives’, Gangs have been known to follow people home, and get close enough to receive the remote signal, copy it and return later to take the car. Other gangs go to houses where they can see cars are parked on driveways and simply scan their copy equipment through front doors.

If you have a keyless vehicle - when storing your ‘key’ at home simply keep the ‘key’ wrapped in foil, or make a container insulated with foil. There are many RFID (radio frequency identification) containers to keep your ‘key’ in, however their effectiveness varies, and possibly not always as effective as the foil, or as cheap!

Key or keyless leasing choice

Keys with chips

Transponder keys were first introduced in 1995, they have electronic coded transponder chips embedded into the plastic part of the key. The chip located in this key is passive and therefore does not require a battery, the chip is read when you turn the ignition. If you lose this key you will need to get a new key, and the immobiliser control unit will need to be reprogrammed.

Keys with remote control The remote signal is either infrared but more commonly radio transmitter, this sends a coded signal to the vehicles receiver. In the early days the remote signals had radio interference and could be problematic, this is less likely in more modern times.

Keyless cars

There are many cars on the market now which are keyless, if you fancy get your hands on one but do not want to purchase why not lease? If you have a less than healthy credit score you may think that getting a keyless car is out of your reach, well not at UltraCar. We provide bad credit car leasing and have a huge range of cars for you to chose from.