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Amazon Echo Auto

The New Amazon Echo Auto

If you are driving an older car you will be lacking in the latest technology and infotainment.
If this is the case perhaps you should consider leasing your car? By leasing you will be driving a modern car which can be exchanged for an upgrade every couple of years. If you have a bad credit score get in touch with us at UltraCar, thats our speciality! Now where were we….. arh yes Alexa……. Many modern cars have the ability to summon Alexa, but for those without the technology, and who are used to asking Alexa to carry out tasks within their home, they may be feeling lost.
Fear not…. Amazon have recently revealed the new Echo Auto hardware.

Amazon Echo Auto

What is the Echo Auto?

The device is about the size of a cassette (if you can remember one of those) it will sit on the dashboard of your car. You will be able to use it just as you do as in your home, asking for music, navigation and all the other standard Alexa queries.

The device has eight microphones which should help with picking up voice over the usual background noise associated with driving. It will however rely on your smart phone to be able to connect to the internet. The device itself will connect to the car via Bluetooth or by 3.5mm aux jack, and is powered by USB which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter. The Echo Auto has its own operating system and will support Alexa integration’s such as audiobooks, shopping lists and the all important reminders.

How do I get a Amazon Echo Auto?

The device is launching in the US first, and is on an invite only basis priced at $25. You can request an invite to pre-order by following this link. ‘The invite only’ allows Amazon to get feedback, and correct any regular problems that are raised, so by the time it is available for general release it should be the polished product. Once released to the open public, the price is said to be in the region of $49.99.

Among the other products launched by Amazon was a smart microwave, and a clock!