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Best Pinterest Boards of All Time About Car Leasing

Pinterest is a brilliant way of getting quick and easy facts about car leasing!

Pinterest is a great format if you don’t enjoy reading loads of text and can make reading about car leasing really interesting and interactive!

Follow the link and make a Pinterest account in order to view the best Pinterest boards about car leasing: https://uk.pinterest.com/explore/car-leasing/

Let’s look at some of the facts you can learn from these Pinterest boards, some of them may surprise you!

  1. Because you are not buying the whole car, monthly payments are generally between 30% and 60% lower when you lease than when you buy.
  2. Depending on the terms of your lease, you can get a brand new car every two to four years. This obviously depends on whether you decide to go ahead with leasing a new car when you lease runs out.
  3. Service plans are usually covered in the lease, which can save you up to £600 a year on fees.
  4. You are usually asked to put down a deposit when you lease, but you can take up a lease without any down payment at all.
  5. You can get a fancier car! For instance, you can lease a BMW 328i for three years for the same monthly payments it would take you to purchase a Toyota Camry.
  6. There are mileage caps with leases, which means that if you go over the agreed mileage you may encounter unexpected charges.
  7. A lease car is essentially a borrowed car, any excessive wear and tear will be held against you. Again, you may encounter charges.
  8. Any modification is a no-no with a leased car. New sound systems, exhaust systems or after-market tuning is no allowed.
  9. Choose the right car, cars which have predicted high resale values are likely to have lower monthly payments.
  10. Learn whether a lease car is right for you with a few simple questions on this Pinterest board: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/527554543824609881/
  11. There are lots of different lease plans, talk to experts to decide whether leasing is right for you.
  12. Do not lease longer than 2-4 years, after this you will not be covered by the manufacturers warranty.
  13. Make sure you get GAP insurance; this is usually included but it is best to check.
  14. Make sure you agree a realistic mileage limit to avoid charges- always agree more than you need if you are worries you may go over.
  15. Understand that you are responsible for monthly payments, insurance, damage repairs and staying within your mileage allowance.

Head over to Pinterest to find out more about car leasing!