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Is your boot space ready for a baby?

Do You Really Need a Car with a Huge Boot Space if You Have a Baby?

boot space - boot with pramHaving a baby can be an expensive business; for such tiny people babies seem to need a surprisingly large amount of stuff that comes with some pretty hefty price tags.

One thing that many expectant parents put on the list of things they need to sort out before their little bundle of joy arrives is a car with a large boot space.  Before you embark on looking at available lease cars fit for a baby it is worth taking the time to do some research, as you might not really need as much boot space as you think you do.

Prams require a large boot space, or do they?

This is probably the one item that you will need to put in your car boot most of the time. Whilst it is true modern prams look bulky it is worth going to a pram showroom and taking a proper look at them, they can be deceptive.

Have a good look at the prams available and once you have a couple in mind ask to see them fully collapsed, you might be surprised by just how small a lot of the larger prams are when they are collapsed. It is also worth bearing in mind that a number of prams can now be bought with adaptors that will allow you to attach an infant car seat to the frame. This can free up valuable boot space when you are popping to the shops.

It is important to remember that most manufacturers advise that babies spend no longer than 2 hours in their car seat at a time

Many shops will also try the pram in your car boot for you whilst you are there so you can see if they do fit.pram in boot of car, no space

Roofbox The times when you will need to travel with a lot of baby equipment; highchair, pram and travel cot will probably be few and far between, especially when your baby is very small.  It might be worth investing in something like a roof box which you could use for those occasions when you do need to take a lot of things with you.

Siblings Of course, if you already have children and are expanding your family then it could be a different story entirely. Replacing your car with one with a bigger boot space will generally mean leasing a bigger car, this would also give you extra room on the back seat which can be very important if you have a number of car seats you need to fit in.

If you were thinking of replacing your car anyway then it is definitely worth looking for something with a bigger boot, as the space is always useful.

At Ultracar we will purchase the car that fits your requirements and then lease it back to you, take a look at leasing here.