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Car Camping Trips, Our Tips

Packing Hacks for Car Camping Trips

boot filled with camping gear

Camping might seem like the perfect way to spend your summer, however when you find yourself faced with a mountain of camping gear, clothes, food and toiletries and a limited amount of space in your car it can quickly begin to seem like a bit of a nightmare. There is certainly a bit of an art form involved when it comes to getting everything that you need into such a small space but there are a few things that you can do before you start that will make it much easier. They might just prevent you from tearing your hair out as you find yourself unpacking everything again because you need to check if you already packed something.

Make a List of camping items

I can’t stress how much help a proper list is when you are packing for a camping trip, especially if space is tight and you need to make sure that you pack only the essentials. Write everything down on your list, you could make separate lists for things like clothes and then pack then in holdalls, and cross them off as you pack them. This will eliminate the did I pack it or have I forgotten scenario. Over time you should be able to refine this list and reuse it to make subsequent trips easier.

A Good Foundation

The key to packing a lot of things into a small amount of space starts with a good foundation. Lay out all your camping equipment close to the boot of your car and take a good look at it. Choose sturdy heavier with flat sides like your camping table, your tent and ground sheet or your camping stove. Place these items at the bottom and then work up slowly. As you go you will create little pockets of space around some of the larger objects. Look at the items available to you and try and fill the spaces as much as you can; not only will this give you more space later on, but it will also keep everything else from moving whilst you travel. Remember some items such as shoes can be used to fill up small spaces so if you can’t fit them into a bag with clothing don’t worry about it. If you might need access to a bag thing about where are how you position it so that you can still get at the zips.

well packed boot ready for camping

Think small

If you are really struggling for space then consider the option of doing laundry on your campsite and reduce the number of items of clothing you pack. Decant your toiletries into smaller bottles; this is a lot cheaper than buying travel sized toiletries. Whilst buying food items in advance might be economical if there isn’t enough space in your car then you would be better to avoid doing this and put the money to one side to take with you; whilst most campsites have their own little shop this can be expensive, however it is always possible to find a nearby supermarket and stock up. Remember what you buy whilst on holiday will take up extra space on the way home so only buy what you need otherwise you may struggle to pack everything on the way home.

What are your camping stories?