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How to Keep Cool in the Car

Travelling this Summer - How to Keep Cool in the Car

The wonderful thing about the summer, hopefully, is that the sun finally gets a chance to shine, and when it does it can get hot. The problem is that when it is hot and sunny outside it can turn your car into a mobile metal sauna.

So just how do you keep your car cool in the summer so that you can enjoy travelling and spending time with the family.

parking in shade to keep a car cool

How hot is hot?

When exposed to the sun for long period of time the interior of a car can get incredibly hot; in fact, the temperature inside the car will be hotter than the temperature outside. On a day when the temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius it is possible for the inside of a car to reach around the 40 degrees’ Celsius mark. It only takes half an hour for the temperature to become uncomfortable, which is why it especially important to consider the options for keeping it cool inside your car, especially if pets or small children are amongst your passengers.


Try to park in the shade when you can as this will help keep your car cool, and make it much more comfortable to be in when you do get back in. If you are not able to find a shady spot and you will be gone a while it is worth parking somewhere that might be shaded later on, for example under a tree or near a building as the sun moves so will the shade. Purchase a UV heat shield or a sun visor and place it in the windscreen of your parked car, this will help keep the interior cool.

sunshades can keep your car cool in summer


Plan ahead - if you know you will be going out in a little while, then it is worth opening the windows on your car a little for half an hour or so before travelling, this will help to cool the interior down and will let the hot air out. Driving with your windows down may seem like a good idea, after all it will push a good breeze through the car and make it much cooler, however this increases the drag on your car which will mean you are using more fuel to make your journey. The best option is to drive for a few minutes with the windows open to push the hot air out and then close the windows and switch on your air conditioning, if you don’t have air con maybe its time for an upgrade?

Other things to consider

Even if you manage to make it feel cool inside your car, it could still be hot so it is important to make sure that you and your passengers keep hydrated. Water can also be useful for cooling down the hot metal on the buckles of a child’s car seat, simply wipe the metal with a dampened cloth and as the water evaporates it will help cool the metal making them much safer near small children.

Warmer weather doesn’t have to mean your journeys are uncomfortable. Follow the tips and tricks above and travelling in the –hopefully hot – summer should be a lot easier.