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Thinking of downsizing your car?

Are you thinking about downsizing your car?

The kids may have flown the nest, or you want something just to get you to and from work. Downsizing is ideal if you’d prefer to drive something smaller and more practical, which will also cost less to run and to lease. Or, of course, you may just fancy something a bit different. Smaller cars are more agile and often easier to park too. They generally cost less to refuel at the pump, and require less expensive parts, like brakes and tyres.

Will a smaller car impact your lifestyle?**

people cramped in a small car, downsizing is not for everyone

Before you actually lease a smaller vehicle, it’s worth giving careful consideration to any implications downsizing could have on your lifestyle. Depending on the car you choose, you may not be able to carry as many passengers as you are used to, or not as much luggage. If you are looking at downsizing, chances are it is because you have been upsizing your car in the past. You will probably have needed a bigger car to fit all the children’s stuff in. Bigger cars can also be useful for transporting furniture, taking shopping home or taking the car on holiday with you.

Is downsizing a false economy?

But downsizing your car doesn’t necessarily mean a guaranteed money saver. People often change their cars because they get fed up with the large bills on their current, larger car. This can also coincide with wanting to cut down on their motoring costs by leasing a smaller car.  If you’re considering downsizing your car for economic reasons, make sure you work out if it’s cost effective.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Old fashioned small car next to large car to demonstrate downsizing

The important thing when leasing any car, but particularly a smaller vehicle, is that you feel comfortable driving it. If you’ve previously driven larger cars, it might take time to get used to a small car. When you downsize, you will probably find that many aspects inside the car has also been downsized. You mind find a small car has narrower seats, or the steering wheel has limited adjustment. It’s crucial that before you buy, you have a good long test drive and take your time to make sure you can find a comfortable seating position and are happy with the space inside the car.

What about performance?

When drivers do their research on downsizing, many mainly focus on fuel economy, with no thought to performance. It’s important to know that the most economical engines generally tend to also be the lowest performance engines. These may struggle to keep up with fast motorway driving, especially when carrying passengers. And of course, if the engine has to work harder to keep up with traffic, then it’ll use more fuel too.

Just like with any car purchase, you need to carefully consider all the implications of downsizing when leasing. If you don’t, you might just get a lot less than you’d bargained for.  However if you do downsize with a lease by the time you feel that perhaps it was the wrong choice for you, at least you can up-size with your renewal.