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Car Security Devices That Could Save You Money on Your Insurance

We all want to save money where we can, especially when it come to car insurance, but can extra security features on you car save you money?

The great news for car owners is that according to the Office for National Statistics the number of recorded incidents of car thefts have fallen to their lowest level in the last 50 years. It looks like all the money that car manufacturers are investing into making vehicles more secure might just be paying off. Whilst cars may come with plenty of additional security features there are also many things that you can do as well to help make your car more secure, and save you money on your insurance.

Check with your insurer

car insurance - car alarms

Before you spend any money on car security devices it is a good idea to speak to your car insurance company. They will be able to tell you which items will help you to reduce your car insurance premiums and if there are any that will sadly not have any effect on your premiums. It is worth considering those items that will reduce your premiums over those that won’t as there is usually a reason your car insurer covers them.


There are plenty of options available on the market when it comes to immobilisers. An immobiliser is an electronic device that stops your car engine from starting when the incorrect key is used, this shuts off both the fuel and ignition systems. They also stop your car from being hot-wired.

Where possible you should try and look for devices that are approved by the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (MIRRC)

Car Alarm

A working car alarm can be a good way of deterring thieves, the noise it makes will draw attention to your vehicle and put thieves off stealing it. Whilst most new cars come fitted with an alarm, or immobiliser, older models don’t have them (perhaps time to lease a newer vehicle?). If you have an older car it is definitely worth looking at good alarm systems and having one fitted properly. If you have a newer car that already has an alarm you might want to consider upgrading it to a model with higher specifications, this may have a beneficial effect on your insurance premiums.

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Steering Wheel Locks

Steering wheel locks are a very visible deterrent to any potential car thieves. They may not all be impenetrable but they give your vehicle an extra level of security and may prompt thieves to move along and look for another easier to target vehicle. You may also want to buy gear stick and even handbrake locks to make it even harder for thieves to target your vehicle.

Tracking Devices to help lower your car insurance

You may not realise it but some tracking devices offer the ability for the police to locate your vehicle if it is stolen. GPS systems can find your car if it is on the roads whilst VHF systems can also track cars in underground car parks. However, these devices are not cheap to fit on your car.

Remember to never leave your engine running whilst you are not in your car, don’t leave the doors unlocked and make sure all valuables are not left on display. Most car thieves are opportunists so these things can make your car a real target.