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7 Signs its time for a car lease

7 Signs it’s Time To Contact Ultracar For A Car Lease

Whether it’s your first car or the latest in a long line, it can be hard not to become attached to your mode of transport.

You might already know that you really should be looking to replace your car but you are sentimentally attached to it and making that final step of trading in your old model for something newer can be tough. But there are some really good reasons you should think about getting a car lease and here are our top 7 signs.

1. Constantly breaking down

car lease time when you breakdown more often than you arrive

If you are on first name terms with the roadside recovery people then you need to take a look at just how often your car is breaking down. If you can’t guarantee that you will be able to make it from A-B for the majority of your trips then you should probably replace your car. Constantly breaking down could have a negative impact on other areas of your life such as your job if it is making you late on a regular basis.  A car lease with us generally runs for 3 years, then you can simply hand the car back or like over 90% of our customers, exchange for a newer model.

2. Repairs cost more than the value of the car

If you dread that call during your annual MOT because you know that the list of things that need fixing on your car will quite possibly cost you more than the actual car is worth then it really is time to consider leasing.  If you lease a car from us it will be no more than a year old, so you even get away without having to worry about an MOT, as you lease could be finished before the MOT is due.

3. Change in circumstances

There are times in life when it might be necessary to replace your car for practical reasons. If you have a small 3 door car and a growing family then you will probably want to consider upgrading to something bigger so that you can get children in and out of car seats easily, and have plenty of boot space for all the things you need for them every time you go out.

4. Car finance

If you purchased your car on a finance deal then it is worth considering your finances, with a car lease the monthly payments are fixed so easily budgeted for, and no need to consider the cars depreciation in value.

5. Fuel

Petrol pumps - Are you refuelling more? time for a new car lease

You might find yourself visiting the petrol pump more frequently as your car gets older, it just won’t be as fuel efficient anymore. When this starts to happen and you start spending out a lot more on fuel then it is time to consider a change.

6. Insurance premiums keep rising

Many insurance companies will increase the cost of your premiums the longer you own the car, so if your insurance premiums are on the rise then you should consider if this is because of the age and maybe even the condition of your car.

7. Safety is a concern

If you have a family then safety is likely to be your top priority. The safety features in newer cars have improved significantly even over the last few years. Now might be the time to upgrade your car to something with excellent crash test ratings and more advanced safety technology.

Whilst letting go of an old, but not too faithful friend isn’t always easy, you’ll soon be able to take journeys with confidence in a new lease car you can become just as attached to – and we’re sure you’ll grow to love it just as much.