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How to get your car out of mud, Its a sticky situation!

Summer means field car parks, and potentially getting stuck in the mud

The summer is now in full swing which means we will be venturing out more in our cars on day trips, boot sales and festivals. The majority of which supply fields to park in, however the uK summer never fails to disappoint, and a down pour will often happen.
Mix rain, fields and lots of cars and you have the recipe for a quagmire to drive on safely or even escape from.

How do you get a car out of mud?

  1. Try not to spin your wheels
  2. Place something under the wheels
  3. Once moving don’t stop
  4. Stay out of ruts
  5. Keep calm

Cars stuck in the mud

Make sure that you leave plenty of time for your journey. If the weather looks as if it is about to change or you have entered the field which is already muddy, make sure that you leave enough time encase you do get stuck.
Trying to get out of mud whilst stressed that you need to be somewhere will not help you.

Here are tips on getting a car out which is stuck in mud in more detail

Place something under the wheels

If you are still unable to move then place cardboard under the wheels, if you are unable to locate this then use your car mats which are equally effective.
This should give you enough grip to move out of the mud which you are stuck in.

Cars stuck in a field

Use second gear

Try not to spin your wheels, use second gear to pull away which will give you lower revs and thus better traction.

Keep moving

Once you are moving try not to stop, keep moving and maintain momentum, this is particularly important if you are on a hill or slope.

Avoid deep ruts

Now you are moving try to avoid ruts made by other cars as these can be difficult to get out of and you could find yourself stuck once more!

Keep calm

Make sure you keep calm, especially if there are a lot of cars, they are all in the same situation, and all will deal with it in a different way.
Leave plenty of room, and if there is a queue be patient and wait.

Perhaps its time to get yourself a 4 x 4 if you are finding yourself stuck in mud frequently, but how do you do that if you have a bad credit score? Easy contact us today and we can help.