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Caterham Get £1.15 Million Funding Boost

Chaterham Funding Boost

Kent based car manufacturer Caterham have been selling various versions of Colin Chapmans ‘Seven’ two-seater since 1973. In order for them to grow and expand sales here in the UK and overseas, they have just received funding of £1.15million from Santander Corporate & Commercial.

What Are The Caterham Seven Roots? Back in 1957 Colin Chapman built a two seater sports car, it was christened the Seven and was all about simplicity and lightness. The car manufacturer Caterham brought the rights to to build and develop the Caterham Seven in 1973.
The history of the Caterham has made the seven an iconic British made car, ideal for drivers who seek exclusivity - AND FUN!

Caterham Seven 270R

What are the Caterham Seven models?

Seven 160 - Price from £17,495

Description taken from Caterhams own website “The Caterham Seven 160 represents the essence of the Seven. Driving the Seven 160 is pure back-to-basics motoring, evoking strong memories of the 1950’s era from which the Lotus 7 was originally born. The Seven 160 exemplifies the ethos of ‘performance through lightweight’ and making the driver feel absolutely connected to the road.” Find out more here

Seven 270 - Price from £26,490

Description taken from Caterhams own website ”The Seven 270 features a new engine and specification engineered to release improved power and performance. So whether it’s a Sunday afternoon drive around the country lanes, a European road trip or the occasional lap of the Nurburgring; a Caterham Seven 270 will give you the driving experience you’ve always wanted.” Find out more here

Seven 310- price from £27,990

Description taken from Caterhams own website “Born of Caterham’s inescapable urge to continually develop the Seven, as well as its ongoing work to hone its acclaimed domestic motorsport programme, the Seven 310 was a happy accident that may just take the Seven to the pinnacle of its prowess.” Find out more here

Seven 360 - Price from £29,990

Description taken from Caterhams own website “Stripped back and as Spartan as any Seven, the 360 is all about the thrill of driving a car that embodies Colin Chapman’s original philosophy of a car that is truly “fit for purpose”. Powered by the 2-litre Ford Duratec engine that also propels Caterham’s top-tier R300 racing cars.” Find out more here

Caterham Seven 420

Seven 420 - price from £32,990

Description taken from Caterhams own website “As was Mr. Chapman’s wish, all unnecessary comforts remain absent to save weight and reduce mass. The result is a car that delivers pure, unadulterated driving thrills. The Seven 420 is the penultimate model in our line up, boasting 210bhp. This additional power provides you with added performance either on the road or for track day driving. Enhance your preferred driving experience by selecting either our new ‘S’ or ‘R’ packs.” Find out more here

Seven 620R- Price from £52,990

Description taken from Caterhams own website “So the R500 was the best and fastest car we have made. It won more praise, awards and automotive group tests than we could even begin to mention here. It topped lap times charts, set a performance car bench mark and generally intimidated supercars. It was, by all accounts, a very succesful product. But times change, and having “enough power” is no longer enough. Performance barriers are a moving target and since the R500 was launched, the world caught up and in some cases moved the game on. So, how do you make one of the world’s fastest performance cars just that little bit, well, faster?” Find out more here

Seven 620S - Price from £47,995

Description taken from Caterhams own website “The 620S joins the 620R at the summit of the Seven range by harnessing the same 310bhp two-litre, supercharged Ford Duratec engine to deliver outrageous performance for those drivers who feel that the Seven just isn’t barnstorming enough.” Find out more here

Where Are Caterham Exporting Too?

Anything British built gets the high end quality label, so it is no surprise that this unmistakable car is already doing well in Europe, furthermore it has been reported that countries such as Taiwan and Columbia are also starting to import. The Caterham Seven screams British, and if you ever have the chance to drive one (I have and it was very memorable, to say the least) then you will totally understand why so many other countries want to import this fantastic car.

British manufacturing…. we’ve still got it!