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Clock Changing, Darker Evenings & Rush Hour

Changing of the clocks

Summer time has now ended and we have all changed our clocks back one hour giving us darker evenings, which means that many of us will be going to work in the dark and returning home in the dark.
The impact on us is quite significant, with many feeling more tired, and if you are a driver its even harder as you face the glare of lights during the rush hour drive home.
Of course we also, as drivers need to contend with changing road conditions at this time of year, so its no wonder that many charities and organisations are calling for a change in our time zone.

Changing clocks

Time Zones

What is GMT?

GMT means Greenwich Mean Time Zone, it is the clock time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich London.

What is CET?

CET means Central European Time.

Take a look at the GMT time converter to check the time in CET

What is SDST?

SDST means Single/Double Summer Time

Organisations are calling for a time zone change

Many organisations are calling to the government to change the way we use our time zone, with many asking for SDST.
SDST would mean us moving our clocks forward an additional hour all year round, and thus create lighter evenings. This would allow natural light during rush hour which would not only benefit drivers but pedestrians and cyclists, helping to keep the roads safer.

Tired drivers

Changing time zones could save lives

Studies have shown that by moving the clocks and hour ahead of GMT+1 in the winter and 2 hours ahead GMT+2 in the summer, could prevent up to 80 deaths and hundreds of serious injuries on our roads every year. Its interesting that there have been many studies over the years, all showing positive effects on our health and from a safety point of view, yet still we remain on the same time zone.

I wonder if we were able to take a vote as a nation on what we would prefer, how many of us would opt for SDST? Surely the fact that lives would be saved and serious accidents would decrease is reason enough to make the change?

Driving in the rush hour

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