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Citroen: C3 Versus DS3

What is the difference between a Citroën C3 and a Citroën DS3

Citroen badge from the DS3 and C3

Founded in 1919 Citroën are a French car manufacturer - they have been a been a part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group since 1976. Over the years, they have been the recipients of several awards, both national and international, including three European Car of the Year awards. They also have a successful history in the field of motorsport. Particularly well known for their iconic Citroën 2CV, they manufacture affordable cars and in recent years have made the move towards manufacturing affordable premium cars.

In early 2010, Citroën launched the DS3, their premium brand. DS stands for Different Spirit or Distinctive Series - this was an upgraded form of the Citroën C3 with plenty of power, a stylish look, compact size and offering plenty of comfort. The DS3 offered something that other Citroën’s hadn’t been able to offer to drivers; the impression of a sport super mini combined with a premium feel. The DS3 was named 2010 Car of the Year by Top Gear Magazine.

Citroën C3

Citroen C3 Image

The C3 model has been in production since 2002 when it replaced the Saxo in Citroën’s line up, it is currently in its third generation, the model was unveiled in June 2016 and sales began in January 2017. It is a 5-door hatchback supermini car. In 2014, the C3 was named the most efficient small car.

Citroën DS3

Citroen DS3 image

Another supermini, the DS3 was the first car in the Citroën DS range, it is available as both a 3-door hatchback and a 3-door convertible. One of the cars big selling points is the ability for customers to customise the car when they order with a mixture of matching roof and body colours and even decals.

What are the big differences between the C3 and the DS3?

Fuel consumption: The C3 has less fuel consumption 4.11mpg to the DS3’s 47.2mpg

Weight and capacity (fuel tank): The C3 has a 50 litres capacity compared to 48 litres for the DS3

Weight: The C3 is lighter at 1090kg than the DS3 which tops the scales at 1250kg

Valves per cylinder: The C3 has 2 valves per cylinder compared to the 4 of the DS3. The more valves the better the fuel combustion

Engine power: The C3 has just 75bhp compared to the 155bhp of the DS3, that’s a difference of 52%. The more power a car has the more speed it can achieve

Top speed: The C3 has a top speed of 101mph the DS3 132mph

Doors: The DS3 comes only in a 3 door design

In addition to these the DS3 also has a 1% lower rate of CO2 emissions, a higher maximum towing weight both with and without brakes, and a 2% smaller turning radius. When it comes to size the C3 is slightly shorter, 13% narrower and marginally taller than the DS3, it also has a slightly smaller wheel base.

In essence, the DS3 is an upgraded version of the C3. It also has an NCAP score of 5 stars (C3 has 4 stars), making it a very safe car to drive and it is packed with safety features; stability control, ABS with electronic brake force distribution, 6 air bags.

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