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Conservative Manifesto – What are the Key Pledges for Motorists?

Conservative Manifesto – What are the Key Pledges for Motorists?

Theresa May - Conservative leader

On 18th April 2017, Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May surprised the whole country by calling for an early General Election, something that she had previously said would not happen. With a time frame of just 8 weeks, it is vital for all the major political parties to put forward a strong manifesto to give the voters as much information as they can about each of their party’s key pledges.

Of course, you can’t pick up a paper, log onto social media or listen to the news without hearing plenty about the big policies that have got everyone’s attention. However, what you probably haven’t heard much about is the pledges that will affect motorists; in some respects, they have been overshadowed by the more emotive pledges.

A summary of the Conservative pledges

The  party manifesto contains several pledges on motoring issues. Like Labour they want to commit to improving the infrastructure in the UK. They have also pledged to make all vehicles electric by 2050, as well as making a significant investment in low-emission vehicles. They are committed to boosting the number of cycle networks and facilities throughout the UK. Their other pledge which relates to motoring is in respect of MOT tests which they would like to change to require cars to be zero emissions. What this does indicate for motorists is that there could be clear changes ahead if the Conservatives win the general election, and these policies certainly appear to pay homage to the need to look after our environment.

Electric and low-emission vehicles under the conservatives

The manifesto includes what could be seen by some as fairly radical pledges, the most notable of which is the pledge that by 2050 all cars and vans will be electric ; their ambition is for the UK to lead the world when it comes to electric vehicle use and the technology that goes with it. They are also planning to invest heavily in electric and hybrid vehicles with an investment of £600 million by the year 2020 to be split between the two pledges.

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Improve Infrastructure

The Conservatives have pledged to invest as much as £40 million into improving the infrastructure of the UK roads, by developing strategic road networks, with extra lanes on UK motorways and improving key routes, and like Labour they also plan to scrap the Severn Bridge Toll. The manifesto also mentions that they would pay attention to those parts of the country that have been left behind by poor transport connections.

Cycle Networks

As part of their pledge to improving the cycle networks the Conservatives have said that they will make improvements to the public transport networks through the country in order to improve condition for commuters. They would increase and improve the cycle networks and also the cycle facilities provided at railway stations.

MOT Tests under the Conservatives

Simply put, in order to achieve their targets for low-emission cars they plan to change the MOT test; all cars will be required to have zero emissions to pass. Whilst they haven’t indicated when they would bring this change in by it would need to fit in with their key targets for low-emission vehicles.