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Summer is Here – The World’s Most Well-Loved Convertibles

The British summer may be a fleeting thing but when it is here the convertibles will be out in force. Can there be anything better than driving down a small country lane with the roof down, the sun shining and the wind blowing in your hair, convertible drivers would answer that with a firm no. As a nation, we are rather in love with the convertible, perhaps we all watched too many James Bond films growing up, and despite our rather disastrous summers this love shows no real signs of abating. In fact, according to AutoTrader, the UK is one of the largest convertible markets in Europe, a little inclement weather does not put us off.

Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar e type one of the best convertibles

Arguably one of the most beautiful convertibles ever built, and certainly worthy of a mention, the Jaguar E-Type is one of the world’s most-loved convertibles. With its sleek lines and distinctive shape this is one car everyone is sure to recognise on the roads. The early models feature a 265-hp 3.8 litre engine whilst later models were made with a larger 4.2 litre engine and an updated transmission.

Mazda MX-5

With its easy to use manual soft top as standard, fantastic handling and sleek styling the Mazda MX-5 is very popular with convertible lovers. This car is regarded as one of the best British roadsters that money can buy, and with over 920,000 sold it’s not hard to see why they hold the record for the most popular 2-seater sports car ever. With a 167-mph 2.0 litre engine and six speed manual transmission this car makes cruising down those country lanes a breeze.

Porsche 911

This beautiful cabriolet offers its driver all the performance of a Porched coupe, but with far more accessibility. Whilst it might be a little on the expensive side, the good news is that as convertibles go this one retains its value, around two thirds of its original price after three years. Despite its fantastic performance it is still a very fuel-efficient car and its need to be serviced is minimal. The addition of a turbo charged engine makes this car faster and more fuel efficient than its predecessors; it’s certainly one to look out for on the roads.

Audi TT Roadster

Quite simply one of the most stylish cars on the road; not only is the Audi TT Roadster stunning to look at but is also a great drive. Incredibly well built the T Roaster is a very safe drive and has the addition of four-wheel drive. The build quality is outstanding and well worth the slightly higher price tag. The only downside is the limited cabin and boot space, however if you are planning a summer weekend away packing light would certainly solve this problem.

Audis tt convertibles are stunning

Jeep Wrangler

Not a convertible in the traditional sense however this one has an advantage over many others available; it’s a five seater. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the advantage of the fabric or folding roof of the more conventional convertibles, the Jeep has freedom panels, however it could be argued that they don’t offer much freedom as they require around half an hour to remove. Probably not the best convertible for the UK either where the weather can turn inclement at the drop of a hat. But boy does it look good!

Although we can’t count on the weather to stay nice enough to have the top down all the time, there’s no denying the appeal of some of these stunning convertibles.  Whats more even if you have an unhealthy credit score you can still lease a convertible from UltraCar, find out how here.

Which is your favourite convertible?