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Cool, cool down gadgets for the car

Here are a couple of our cool gadgets for the car this summer.

Ok so lets face it the majority of us have AC, right? Well those of us that don’t for whatever reason, low spec car model, or it stopped working in 2015, and there has been no need for it till now (yep guilty!)

Here are some cool gadgets to keep you cool in your car.

Cool fans for your car this summer

Cool Gadget Car fans

There are some pretty cool fans out there for cars, these plug straight into either a cigarette lighter (old school), or into the usb port of your car.
Here are our five favorites-

  1. Streetwize SWCF5 Twin Cyclone Car 12v Fan Cooler Caravan or Boat DELUX Two Speed Priced £16.20
  2. Jhua 12V Dual Head Dashboard Fan For Car Air Flow Priced £14.00
  3. Ftung Twin Head 12V Car Fan Tilt 360 Degrees Priced £24.00
  4. Foxnovo 12V In Car Fan Oscillating Priced £19.00
  5. 1Store Compact 12V Car Cooling Fan This is a small ‘air conditioning fan’ hence the price £34.00

Quirky choice-

If your mobile phone keeps it charge? You can even buy a fan which plugs into your mobile, and is powered by your phone!!

The Coldest Water Bottle

Cool, cold water container

Our favorite is the THE COLDEST WATER BOTTLE. Ice Cold for Up to 36 Hours or More! Built with True Stainless Steel, Double Wall, Vacuum Sealed. Check it out here costing $43.99

If the coldest water bottle is a bit steep for your purse, then simply take your plastic water bottle and place in in the freezer.
As the ice melts you will have ice cold water, good for short journeys.

Cooling towel to take with you in the car

Just when you think you have thought of everything… You can take a cooling towel with you on your journey.

Won’t it warm up as my journey grows? I hear you cry, well not according to the manufacturers who say the following…. “Just soak it, wring it and flick it, and it becomes ice cold in an instant!”

Check it out here yep it has its own facebook page, so it must work.. right?

Take a look at our blog for more tips How to keep cool in the car

What are your tips on keeping cool in your car this summer?