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Dash Cams - Five Good Reasons To Have One

Why Have A Dash Cam?

Five good reasons to have a dash cam-

  • 1.Evidence after an accident
  • 2.Fraudsters
  • 3.Road trips
  • 4.Capture the unexpected
  • 5.Reduce insurance premiums

Ford Fiesta Review 2018 headlights

Car Dash Cams are they worth it?

Motoring has changed over the years, including how we drive, new rules and regulations, insurances and how unscrupulous motorists and pedestrians lay claim to ‘accidents which are not their fault’. Having a dash cam is so much more than recording that classic mustang you followed in your car that you can play back to your friends, but its being able to show a recording of the motorist who did something dangerous in front of you that caused you to crash.

We are seeing so many different videos now across social media the funny and the dam right unbelievable!

dash cams in the front windscreen

Here are some good reasons why you should have a dash cam-

Evidence after an accident

If you are unfortunately involved in an accident, gone are the days when you need to find witnesses and argue the facts. By having a dash cam it records everything which happens leading up to the incident, you cannot argue with the factual video evidence that can be provided by a dash cam.

Where there is a blame there is a claim

I could not believe my eyes the other day… on social media there was a video of a lady who was driving very slowly along a road, a young lad came out in front of her pushing his scooter. He then suddenly stopped in front of her, pushed his scooter back into her car and then threw himself on to the floor. His intention of course was to say she had hit him and so that he could sue her. Fortunately for her she had a dash cam running, which caught this all perfectly.
She pointed out to him that it was being recorded, and he legged it! Imagine if she had not got the cam running!

Dash Cams with front and rear recording

Road trips Captured forever

Planning a road trip? Getting a dash cam is as important as putting fuel in your car. Capturing those holiday moments forever to replay and enjoy. If you are driving though stunning countryside or climbing through mountains, having your dash cam recording means these memories can be shared with your family and friends.

Capturing the unexpected

As drivers we spend hours in the car traveling around, so it is no surprise that one day something is going to happen that leaves us speechless and more importantly wishing we had been able to capture it to share with people. If you drive with a dash cam its always running, so seeing and believing is also recording so your friends will believe! There is plenty of footage on social media of strange occurrences of weather for example which could only be captured safely whilst driving.

Lower insurance costs

Some insurance companies welcome drivers who use a dash cam, in fact they even offer discounts to drivers who use them. Lets face it we could all do with saving money on our car insurance, so well worth asking yours if it would make a difference to the price.