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The D word means Diesel or Disgusting?

Diesel Has Become A Disgusting Word

It’s a very frustrating place to be right now for those who have, or who have always had diesel vehicles.
For many years we were told go diesel, and now we are being told don’t buy diesel cars and they are the worlds enemy. But why the sudden U-Turn?

Diesel vehicles

The Government Stance On Diesel Engines

After many years of encouraging us to have diesel engines for its fuel efficiency and low carbon dioxide (CO2 emissions) in the 2017 Autumn Budget the government made a dramatic u-turn and decided to raise is benefit in kind taxation for company cars and also increasing Road Tax on our once loved diesel fuel.

Diesel At The Pumps

So What Has Led To The Diesel Hate Campaign?

Well of course we can start the hate campaign at Volkswagens door after they programmed their test units to give false readings, which started the snow ball of hate.
This also reached out to other brands such as Skoda, SEAT and the well loved Audi. Unfortunately for all manufacturers and despite the actual modern day diesel engines being lower carbon dioxide producers than their equal petrol engines, the hate campaign has escalated.

Diesel At The Forecourt

So What To Do In The Age Of Diesel Hatred?

We do not know how things are going to pan out, the government currently has pledged to outlaw diesel fuelled engines from 2040. If this makes you understandably jittery, then let us take the worry away. Rather than purchase you diesel engine vehicle, why not lease it from UltraCar. You will only have the car for 3 years (3 year lease term) then you hand it back, It’s our problem not yours. You can then be safe in the knowledge that the diesel engine you love to drive is not something you are going to be stuck with.
Who knows what the future holds and how the hatred may change?

For more information on leasing a diesel vehicle from Ultracar take a look at Personal leasing or Business. Take a look at our example cars and prices and find the right vehicle for you.