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Dog Safety In Cars

How Safe Is Your Dog In The car?

We all know the dangers of leaving our beloved pet in a car, and this is not just when the sun is out, but what about the dangers of travel? Many of us travel daily with our dogs in the car, whether we are travelling to take them to their much loved walkies, to the vets or if you are lucky enough to work. But it is surprising to see just how many people don’t actually ensure that their pet is safely secured for any trip no matter how short.

Tips before you travel with your dog

If you are going on a long journey with your dog-

  • Make sure you give them just a small meal to lessen the chance of car sickness.
  • Give your dog a really good walk to tire them out
  • Take one of their blankets so they have something familiar smelling
  • Take bags for those comfort stops
  • Take plenty of water with you

Ok you are all set, but are you?

2 dogs in car with harnesses

Car safety for your dog

Dog crates Many dog owners use dog crates in the home, if you are one of these owners then getting a dog create for your car is going to be nice and easy. Your dog already is familiar and will safe and confident. If you are getting a dog crate and your dog has never been in one before, make sure that the first time you use it is not on a car journey. Take time in the days and weeks building up to your journey to get your dog used to being in a crate. Otherwise you will be putting them in a stressful situation on top of being in the car. If your dog is unsettled and upset, there is a good chance you will be also and therefore this will be distracting to you whilst trying to drive. Dog harnesses As with dog crates it is important for your dog to be used to wearing a harness before they get in the car. Try to use the harness when your dog is relaxed, what you do not want to happen is have a very excited dog in a harness in the back of your car. They will, no matter how good the harness is, end up getting tangled, and again distract you at the wheel and cause distress to your dog.

Both dog crates and harnesses can be purchased online, there are so many to choose from, so if you use either, and can recommend one, please do so in the comments below.

Remember it is not advisable to have your dog loose in the car no matter how much you like having your dog on your lap, or that nose in the back of your neck.

Be safe for you, your dog, and other drivers.