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Donald Trump Car Collection – Top 5

Like or loathe the Donald – 2 things are true:

  1. He is actually the President of the United States of America

  2. He has good taste when it comes to cars.

Let’s take a look at some of the vehicles:

1.Rolls-Royce Phantom: Not a Mirage

Phantom Front shot

2. Lamborghini Diablo: A Devil of a Car

If he’s in the mood for less subtle elegance and worse boy racer, he can hop into his electric blue Lamborghini Diablo.

Trump in his Lamborghini

3. Rolls-Royce 1950’s Silver Cloud: Classic Beauty

This captivating beauty, enrobed in two tone gray, conjures up images of black and white feature films. In this svelte, purring wonder, you can see the icons of the big screen being chauffeured to the academy awards, dashing from the press en route to an elopement or acting as gang bosses, with class.

Rolls Royce Front Shot

4. Tesla

The Tesla is another anomaly in the Trump fleet. This little car, powered by a farm of thousands of lithium-ion cells, is the first all-electric car.

5. Maybach

Stocking up on his German carriages, Mr. Trump added a Maybach recently. This super luxury version of the S-class series, includes heat and massage seats, heated armrests, aroma pump to gently scent the cabin air with attractive fragrance, and a 3D surround sound system with 24 speakers. It may take every one of this car’s 603 horses to transport all that luxury and Donald Trump in addition.

Trump's Maybach

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