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Top Driver Distractions

What are the top distractions to a driver according to the recent ‘Driver Distraction’ Study by Esure?

  1. Back seat drivers (51%)
  2. Passengers (31%)
  3. Changing music (27%)
  4. Eating or drinking (20%)

The Driver Distraction Study

E-sure Insurance Company recently surveyed more than a thousand drivers to find out what were the biggest distractions whilst driving.
The study revealed that despite a staggering 92 percent of drivers admitting that they were a back seat drivers, it was in fact back seat drivers that caused the biggest distraction to drivers over 50 percent!

The younger motorist admitted to getting angry if anyone commented on their driving over 60 percent, whilst a further 14 percent said they had been reduced to tears.

The worst back seat offenders are partners according to 27 percent of motorists asked, this was followed by parents, Mums 17 percent and Dads 14 percent, with 14 percent of motorist admitting that children were a distraction.

Driver distractions behind the wheel

Other Driver Distractions

Whilst we are all told that we need to car share more, reduce the traffic, and pollution on our roads over 31 percent of the drivers asked said that having passengers in the car was distracting. 25 percent of the drivers asked said they felt they were more likely to be involved in an accident when driving with passengers.

With so many of us on the go living very busy lives, it is not uncommon to get a quick sandwich and a coffee to eat / drink on the go. Out of over a thousand drivers asked 20 percent admitted to taking their eyes off the road whilst having a snack behind the wheel.

So what this study is telling us, eat before you drive, don’t offer lifts, and if you have to go any where as a couple……….. take separate cars!!

This is all perfect reading as we begin the long school summer holidays, when we are more likely to have a car full of distractions!