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Dyson Electric Cars - Set To Clean Up On Electric Car Sales

Known for their innovative design technology, Dyson have now set their sights on the Electric car market, with the Dyson EV.

The Dyson electric car project came to light in the Governments National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021. Within the document it stated that Dyson would secure £174 million of investment in the Wiltshire area (Dyson Head Quarters are located in Malmesbury, Wiltshire).
Dyson will create over 500 jobs mainly in the engineering sector, to develop a new battery electric vehicle.
The next document to be published confirmed that Dyson were to receive a £16 million grant from the government to help support research and development for Dyson’s battery technology.

The Dyson EV Battery

An equally innovative women by the name of Professor Ann Marie Sastry created a start up company (Sakati3) launched from the University of Michigan.
Sastry developed a solid-state lithium-ion battery producing over 400Wh/kg energy density. This ground breaking battery delivers almost double of the energy found in Teslers Panasonic cells, which up to now has been the industry leader.

James Dyson - New electric car

Previous companies have failed with the lithium-ion batteries due to batteries exploding, however Satsy’s batteries, although based on lithium-ion technology, the pressurised liquid electrolyte is replaced by a thin layer of non-flammable material. This basically keeps the positive and negative electrodes from coming into contact.

Dyson and Sakti3

In order for Dyson to be successful in the electric car market they needed to secure a battery which would drive forward (sorry!) their vision. Dyson therefore brought Sakti3 for £69 million recognising the innovative battery as the core area of their project.

Dyson design We are already familiar with the designs of Dyson, and lets face it they do deliver. The Dyson vacuum is as good years later as the day you brought it. The Dyson hairdryers although very pricey, are again worked from out of the box thinking.

Dyson are well known for their motor designs, the vision of Dyson is to create an electric car for the masses.
Quite frankly with their track record, I believe that they can do it!

James Dyson