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The Importance Of The Electoral Role

Polling station sign for those registered on the electoral roll

The obvious importance of the Electoral roll is that you have a voice and you are able to vote. 

However it also serves as an identity verification in order to combat fraud, so if you apply for any type of finance, the company you are applying to will be checking to see if you are registered on the electoral roll.  Many of these companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which requires companies to get to know their customers which includes checking on the electoral register.

Are you eligible to be on the Electoral roll?

Not every resident in the UK can register, this is dependent according to your citizenship and the type of election.  There are two registers in the UK-

Local Government Register

Parliamentary Register

To be on one of these registers you must have British, Irish, Commonwealth or EU citizenship.

According to the Electoral Commission there has been a rise of 2.5% of people registering themselves with the figure 47,350,696 in December 2016.  The rise will more than likely be due to Brexit, however a contributing factor will be as more and more people find that in order to gain credit they need to be registered.

Who is missing out and why?

Statistics from Experian show that one in three 18 – 24 year old’s are not registered on the Electoral Roll.  Unfortunately, this will not just effect their say on political issues, but also will hugely

Registration for the electoral role

impact their ability to get credit in the future.  In fact it does not matter who you are and how good you are at managing your bills and finances, if you are not registered it could lead you to being refused credit.  At UltraCar we have many customers who have learnt at their own expense the perils of not being registered, and have found themselves being refused credit. Fortunately, we are able to still lease cars to them, by showing tenancy agreements, however being on the electoral roll is the far better option.

Electoral roll important points to consider

  • Lenders use the electoral roll to check your residency history and confirm your current address.

  • Being registered is vital when applying for a mortgage or loan from banks.

  • If you receive a request for your registration information from your local electoral registration office then you are legally obliged to respond.  If you do not respond or provide false information you could be fined £1,000.

Electoral roll myth – You are not automatically registered if you pay council tax.

For more information on the Electoral Roll take a look at Wikipedia here