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Euro NCAP How safe Is Your Lease Car?

What is Euro NCAP?

Choosing the right car for your lease can have various factors, these days however the safety factor is definitely up there.
So how safe is the car you want to lease for you and your passengers, who performs the safety tests and how do you find out the ratings? Euro NCAP stands for The European New Car Assessment Programme which is based in Brussels, Belgium.
This was founded back in 1997 by the transport Research Laboratory for the UK department for transport; it also has the backing from several other European governments as well as the European Union.
This was created following on from other countries such as America, Australia, Latin America and China testing new vehicles and awarding them stars for safety.

Euro NCAP 5 Stars with extra safety Package

What safety tests to Euro NCAP Carry Out?

Up to four cars are required for assessments by Euro NCAP and these are purchased anonymously from a single or various dealers in the same way a normal customer would purchase.
Once the cars have been purchased then the manufacturers are alerted and given the vehicles VIN numbers (Vehicle Identification Number). It is at that time the manufacturers can inform Euro NCAP of any safety feature changes that have occurred since that particular model, and will be allowed to update the car accordingly. The Assessments are as follows-

  • Adult Occupant Protection
  • Child Occupant Protection
  • Pedestrian Occupant Protection
  • Safety Assist

Tests Carried Out By Euro NCAP Include

  • Full Frontal Test: This is performed at 40 mph. It collides into an offset barrier designed to represent an impact with another vehicle of a similar mass.
  • Side Test: Side impact test are at 31 mph, however the side impact pole test is at 20 mph
  • Pedestrian Safety test: These are performed at 25 mph
  • Rear Impact Test: This was adopted in 2009 and tests for whiplash Ratings are given out of five stars, five being the safest.

Vauxhall Insignia High In The Euro NCAP Safety List

The Impact Of Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP has become influential in which cars people wish to drive, with more and more people looking at safety.
A good example of the impact the Euro NCAP has in influencing consumers was when the Rover 100 only received one star for safety for adult occupant safety in 1997.
Sales dropped rapidly and the model was withdrawn from production.

Euro NCAP 5 Star Rating

So Which Cars Are The Safest Cars According To Euro NCAP?

Well as you would expect a majority of the premium cars are up there with 5 stars here are a few of the cars which we lease regularly at UltraCar-

  • The Volvo XC60 5 Star Euro NCAP Rating This comes with a Euro NCAP five star rating, and as most of us know Volvo has always been known for building solid safe cars. Safety equipment on the model tested was standard.
  • The VW Polo Also Receives 5 Stars From Euro NCAP The VW Polo is a very popular car, from looks, German manufactured and various added spec it is no surprise that the Polo is up there with 5 stars in safety against its name. This was with standard safety equipment.
  • Vauxhall Gets 5 Stars From Euro NCAP Vauxhall see the Insignia high up in the safety rating getting an impressive 5 stars for safety on the standard safety kit. Other Vauxhall models include The Gandland X and the Crossland X also coming away with all 5 stars.
  • Euro NCAP Give 5 Stars To Hyundai and Toyota The Hyundai i30 gets five stars for its standard safety kit, along with the KONA Model. Toyota is also up there with their Yaris model on a standard safety kit
  • Nissan well placed, with its safety addition The Nissan Micra makes a good placement with the additional safety pack available, get this upgrade and you will see 5 stars from NCAP.

So when you decide to lease your next car take a look at the Euro NCAP ratings to see just how safe your next car is to drive.