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Cars more famous than their drivers

If there is one thing that can be said about cars on the big screen, it is that some of them are more memorable than others.

Here are just a few of those cars that have made it onto the big screens and into our hearts over the years.

“Herbie” – The very famous 1963 VW Beetle

The most famous VW Beetle 'Herbie'

The original Love Bug hit the big screen in 1968 in Walt Disney’s “Love Bug”, this was followed by a further 3 films which stared the same cast members. In 2005 Herbie returned to the big screen in “Herbie – Fully Loaded” when he fell in love with a Volkswagen new Beetle. This little car with a mind of his own is not only capable of driving himself but has a fierce streak of loyalty to those who own him, leading to plenty of humorous situations.

DeLorean DMC-12

For any child of the 80’s this is the car you dreamed of owning, although maybe without the flux capacitor. Easily one of the most iconic movie cars of its time the DeLorean played an integral part in the plot for the Back to the Future films. The car played the role of a time machine, running on plutonium rather than standard forms of fuel. With its gull-wing doors this cool car will probably be more remembered for its presence on the big screen rather than in real life as so few were made, don’t forget your gloves!

“The General Lee” – 1969 Dodge Charger is well famed for its air time & dixie horn

Who could forget this truly iconic orange car made famous in the Dukes of Hazzard. The car was known for its signature horn which played the first twelve notes of the

General Lee The famous car from the dukes of hazzard

song Dixie, and of course for having its doors welded shut leaving the Dukes to climb in through the windows. Something they did with alarming frequency during all the high-speed police chases and stunts. The name refers to General Robert. E. Lee and there is a Confederate flag painted on the car roof. Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa, and just for the record, I would love to have this car.  If anyone rich is reading this and fancies being super generous yes please I would love a 1969 Dodge Charger - Hey if you don’t ask!!!

1932 Ford Coupe

Whilst some people might argue that there are plenty of cars to choose from in the film American Graffiti the bright Yellow Ford Deuce Coupe, ultimate king of the street race, is surely the shining star. The Deuce Coupe became an ideal hot rod during the 1940’s, when rodders stripped as much weight as they could off this easy to get car before souping up the engine.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The most famous musical car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

This much-loved star of the musical film and book by the same name was created by writer Ian Fleming – who also wrote the James Bond books! The car was inspired by the series of aero-engined racing cars that were built in the early 1920’s by Count Louis Zborowski. A Zeppelin dirigible provided a motor for the original car, and this led to the name which was in fact the noise the car made when started UK. A staggering 6 copies of the car were made for the film, including one with the registration number GEN 11 which was a fully functional roadworthy car. This car sold at auction in May 2011 and was bought by Sir Peter Jackson, the film director best known for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy of films.

There’s certainly something about cars in movies that renders them memorable – but which is your favourite car-based movie?