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Fathers Day Special, Which car would you choose?

Fathers Day Special – What Car Would You Like to Give Your Father?

Today is the 18th June and Fathers Day in the UK, if you are only realising this by reading this blog, hopefully its the morning and you can grab a card, if its the afternoon  you can still get away with it, if its night a text is lame but forgivable, if its after the 18th….. That is why your Dad is no longer answering your calls!

Whilst most Dad’s will be waking up to a new mug, a bottle of their favourite spirit or a novelty gift with a picture drawn by their children on it, it’s always nice to dream about what you would get for your dad if money was no object.

Picking the right car to give your dad could be tricky but here are our suggestions of the best cars to buy for dad based on some of the typical dad stereotypes.

Fathers day car for the Slippers and Pipe Dad

Lexus GS mk4 fathers day car

If your dad could be described as the slippers and pipe type then you should be thinking about a car that is comfortable and reliable. In fact, it should be very reliable, the kind of car that will require minimum upkeep. According to the reliability index top 100 UK cars list, because let’s face it if your dad fits this category then he will probably have checked the stats, the Ford Ka scores very highly in the reliability stakes, so would make the perfect gift.  If your Dad should demand a larger car then the Lexus GS Mk4 ranks even higher with a larger price tag.

The Sporty Dad

When it comes to sporty cars there are plenty of options out there that would be perfect for the sporty dad. Obviously, sports cars don’t come cheap so you are probably looking at spending quite a bit of money. You could go for a Ferrari but perhaps that’s just too obvious. Personally, I would choose the Mazda MX-5, this distinctly affordable open topped car certainly has the look, now all you have to do is pick a colour…is red too obvious?

The Hippy Dad

Hippy Dad type VW Camper van for fathers day

You know the type, long hair, vegetarian, has a keen interest in the environment and recycling, no gas guzzling car for this dad. How about a Tesla? Buying a Tesla will be a little more complicated than other makes of car as there are relatively few showrooms in the UK, and your car will need to be made to order before being shipped over from the US. But the network of charging points is growing rapidly so travelling around isn’t the problem it used to be.

Of course, for the true hippy dad you may want to search out a VW camper van, the ultimate in hippie transport.

The Outdoor Dad

Land Rover is synonymous with the great outdoors, so If money was no object and it would need to be because Land Rovers are on the more expensive side then one of their current models would be perfect. Plenty of boot space for all those things you would probably want to take with you, but sleek enough to not look out of place in any big town.

Golfing Dads

Check out our other blog Best Golfing Cars here.

Unfortunately, unless most of us win the lottery it looks like the only car we could buy for our dads would be a matchbox version of one of the above. But who knows, this time next year?………..