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Fine Road Tax Me!

Which vehicles are Road Tax Free?

Below you will find examples of vehicles which are currently Tax free on the road.

  • Classics: If you have a love of classic vehicles and your vehicle is registered before the 1st January 1974 then you do not require to pay tax.

  • Electric: Any electric car which costs less than £40,000 registered after 1st April 2017

  • Low emissions registered before 1st April 2017: Any cars producing less than 100g CO2 per kilometre and where registered before the new legislation which came into play on the 1st April 2017.

Your Car Tax Reminder

If you fall within the free car tax bracket, you will still get a tax reminder or be required to keep an eye on when your car tax is due. You simply need to complete the relevant form tick the appropriate box to inform the DVLA that the vehicle is used on the road.

steering wheel in car

Free Tax & No Insurance

Be warned that if you tax your vehicle and you do not have insurance on that vehicle you could be fined.
Here is a couple of scenarios:

  • Scenario 1- You have a classic vehicle, which you have lovingly taken apart for restoration. It is located on private land, so you do not feel you require insurance. However when your tax reminder came through you opted to tax it because its ‘free’ so it does not matter. The DVLA will understand this as - You have a classic vehicle, you require free tax on it because you are using it on the road and therefore you do require insurance. The DVLA do not know that the vehicle is in bits and not drive-able, therefore in their eyes this vehicle is illegally being driven without any insurance - you will receive a fine for this.
  • Scenario 2- You have a vehicle which you are thinking of selling, it is parked on private land. It is not in use, the tax has run out, but its ‘free’ to tax so you decide to carry on with the tax. This car must be insured, as the DVLA will interpret this as you have taxed the vehicle and therefore you must be driving it on the road. A fine will come!

If you have a vehicle and it is Tax exempt, and you are not using it, and it is parked on private land, and you are not intending to insure it, you must inform the DVLA.

Road Tax Fine Letter

Tax exempt vehicle not in use

No matter if your vehicle is tax exempt or not, if you have informed the DVLA that you require tax on a vehicle, they will automatically assume that you are using that vehicle on public roads. If you are not intending to use a vehicle and therefore not intending to get insurance cover for that vehicle you MUST SORN that vehicle.

What is SORN?

SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notification, this tells the DVLA that although you have this vehicle in your possession you do not intend to take it onto the public highway. The DVLA will not expect to see this vehicle with a valid insurance, and you will not receive a fine, however if you do venture on to the public highway with this vehicle you will be breaking the law. SORN tells the DVLA that your vehicle is on Private land, on a driveway or located in a garage. The only time you may venture on to a public road with a SORN vehicle is to or from a pre-booked MOT.

Have you been caught out? what was your scenario?