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Ford Fiesta Review 2018

The Ford Fiesta Review

With more than 17 million sold worldwide, since its launch way back in 1976, all credit goes to Ford who still maintain a model which gives its rivals such as the Vauxhall Corsa a run for its money. The latest Ford Fiesta has grown slightly in dimension and rather than a radical change to technology, it remains on its steady evolution – but this has worked for years, so why change? The Fiesta comes in 3 doors and 5 doors, however the most popular version in the UK is the 5 door, if you are already decided that the Ford Fiesta is the ideal car lease for you then take a look at pricing examples here.

Ford Fiesta Review 2018

Driving the Fiesta

Starting with the 1.1 petrol engine although this will be very economical to run it does feel rather gutless (84bhp), if you are looking for something with a bit more oomph, its worth swaying towards the 1.0 ecoboost with the 100 (99bhp) being a particular favourite of ours at UltraCar.
The ecoboost is ideal for in towns and equally comfortable on longer trips where you face a motorway. For those who are planning to do a lot of motorway driving its worth considering the 1.5 TDCi diesel engine.

Ford have taken into consideration our awful roads, the Fiesta deals extremely well over pot holes, avoiding that horrible shudder that goes straight through you. However be warned if you go for the sportier ST-Lines which are set up firmer, you will feel the bumps! This little hatch back still remains fun to drive; it has sharp handling and precise steering, which accounts for its high sales.

Ford Fiesta Review- Interior

Inside the Fiesta

You get good ride comfort as a driver; if you want extra comfort you can go for the Titanium Trim and above, where you will receive even more adjustments. The latest model does give you the feeling of being slightly higher than previous models, this will appeal to many. With this slight elevation you will find visibility has been improved. There is good space in the front (head and leg) for even the tallest adult; however it does fall a bit short in the rear.
You will be able to sit 3 adults in the back; however they won’t want to be there on a long journey, perfect for children however. The fiesta has some handy cubby holes to accommodate bottles and cups. Rear seats split 60/40 which is normal for the supermini class; the Fiesta does lose points on its boot space. Yes you can get a good weekly shop in there, but it won’t accommodate anything too bulky.

Thank you Ford for giving all models as standard a heated windscreen, rear parking sensors are standard on Vignale Trims and optional extras on all other trims. You get a superb reversing camera in the Tittanium X and Vignale cars.

Infotainment 8 inch touch screen infotainment system with sat-nav on Titanium models; however on the bigger selling models such as the Zetec and ST Lines you get a 6.5inch touch screen, all are compatible with smart phones.

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The Ford Fiesta Review Summary

All in all the Fiesta remains a fantastic supermini, this latest version will keep it ahead of its rivals.
If you are buying as a family car go for the 5 doors. Keep the trim simple for the infotainment screens, feedback from our customers say that they are happy with the screen this size, and it is fairly easy to use.
Everyone loves the heated windscreens, with families thrilled at this time saving extra. The Fiesta is available for lease from UltraCar, we are able to source the trim you prefer, purchase the vehicle and then lease it back to you. Take a look at our personal leasing page here.