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You have the clubs, the balls but do your have the Car? Golfers Cars

Best Cars for Golfers

Some cars are better golfers cars than others!

As any golfer will tell you, size does matter, well car boot size does at least! Not only do you need to be able to fit your golf clubs, bags and of course trolley into the boot of your car but quite possibly those of your golf partner as well. Plenty of boot space should certainly be high on the wish list of any golfer when shopping for a new  lease car. And don’t forget if you want to stand out at the club for all the right reasons then your car should certainly not stand out in the car park for all the wrong ones.

Here are just a few of the best cars that should fit the bill helping you fit into the club whilst still being able to fit all your clubs.

Volvo, Plenty of boot space for all your golfing equipment

Sturdy, practical and of course ample boot space you won’t be surprised to see that there a couple of Volvos that fit the bill perfectly. The V90 offers a superb 560 litres of boot space and ample passenger space; perfect for those golfing buddies. The interior is exactly what you would expect from Volvo, classic with a sleek styling, plenty of the advanced technology you would expect there is even a portrait touchscreen. And with a choice of two diesel engines running costs won’t break the bank.

The XC90 is also a serious contender as the perfect golfing car. The boot capacity may be a little smaller than the X90 with just 451 litres of space, however the XC90 is a seven seater SUV so with the rear seats down you still have plenty of space for passengers and a staggering 1,102 litres of boot space. And of course, it still has that stylish interior and very sleek exterior that mean it will look perfect wherever you go.

Volkswagen Touareg

Another SUV, and for good reason, the Touareg offers an impressive 580 litres of boot space, perfect for several sets of golf clubs and accessories. Whilst you might not be driving it across the green the Touareg is one of the strongest off-road machines around, so if you do like to go off the beaten track then this is certainly the car for you. And with plenty of internal space it is also offers a very comfortable drive.

large boots make great golfers cars

Skoda makes a great golfers car

A surprise contender to the list, however Skoda have come a long way in a relatively short space of time and are certainly a much more stylish car than they used to be. The Skoda Superb Estate trumps the other cars in this list with a truly impressive 660 litres of boot space, and it still has ample space for five passengers. The sleek body of this car hides a surprisingly comfortable interior with a high-quality finish. The range of highly capable Skoda engines also make it a great drive. If you have never considered a Skoda now might be the time to take a closer look, and of course the price tag is very budget friendly as well.

So next time you go to the course and you find yourself squeezing your golfing kit into you car, perhaps its time to make a vehicle change?  At UltraCar we have the perfect golfers cars if you have poor credit and would like to take advantage of leasing.

There’s certainly plenty of choice on the market for the keen golfer, we’d love to hear which cars you consider to be the best golfers cars.