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The Honda Urban EV

The electric car for the young city dweller

The Honda Urban EV is very much aimed at young drivers, small families with comparison size to the Mini 3-door inside. Whilst there is good space in the front for adults, the back seat is more aimed at children, and adult will feel enclosed and squashed. The concept car showed 2 seats in the back, however one of the very few changes to production will have 3 seats. Yes you will be able to get your weekly shop in the boot, but if you you are with kids and need to take the usual paraphernalia associated with them you are going to struggle… Big Time!

This EV is really aimed at those who live in a city as the Honda Urban EV will be exempt (for the time being) from paying congestion tariffs, and is incredibly cheap to run. This EV should have a 150 miles range, so plenty of mileage for zipping around town. You are really looking at a long term investment as the Honda Urban will still be relatively expensive to buy, could be worth considering a leasing agreement, with only a couple of years commitment.

Honda Urban EV (interior)

The sporty Honda Urban EV

The Honda Urban EV, has certainly been designed as a more sporty look to appeal to its target audience, and EV that people will be happy to be seen driving. The interior from looking at the concept vehicle shown at various motor shows, and which Honda says will make little change to, has a floating dashboard with a panoramic screen, which also goes into the car door interiors. These act as the Honda’s wing mirrors through a digital camera display. Very handy for narrow streets!

Getting in and out of the little EV will be via rear hinged coach doors.

Between the headlights of the Honda Urban EV there is a display which allows interactive messages to be shown which include greetings, charging updates, and advice for other drivers.

Visibility in the EV is very good, with slender pillars and a wide windscreen, meaning both driver and passengers will be able to see out with minimal blocking.

EV prices

UK drivers still await the time when EV prices are more compatible with petrol and diesel, this really does need to happen soon. Many drivers want to drive cleaner but are unable to to do so with the outlay costs of purchasing an EV currently. If you are wanting to drive an EV consider a lease, here you will pay monthly payments rather than a large initial purchase.
Furthermore, whilst the EV’s evolve do you really want to be stuck with a model which could be out of date in a few years?