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How to keep your windscreen clean

How to clean your windscreen

Keeping your windscreen clean is essential to your being a safe driver. How many of us drivers have jumped into our cars and had dirt in eye line on the windscreen? Que the screenwash and wipers, and either you have run out of wash, or the spec of dirt has now become a smear making it very distracting, or worse making you unable to see the road clearly in front?

Perhaps you think your windscreen is nice and clean until you catch the sun at the wrong angle, and invisible marks suddenly come to life, again making your vision impaired.

In this blog we go through the simple steps of how to clean your windscreen.

bugs on a windscreen, how to clean?

How do I clean my car windscreen?

  1. Sart from the outside, and lift you wipers up
  2. Wash outside with water and soft brush to remove excess dirt
  3. Dry with a lint-free towel
  4. Once dry, clean the glass with a product specific glass cleaner
  5. Clean your wiper blades
  6. Clean the inside of the windscreen with water and dry with a lint-free towel
  7. Use your product specific glass cleaner - check directions as not to cause damage to your car interior
  8. Check your wiper fluid, and top up

dirty windscreen image, needs to be cleaned

Windscreen Cleaning Top 10 Tips

Tip 1: To save you reaching over and having to stretch across your car, get your self a telescopic handled cleaning aid such as squeegess with a sponge attached.

Tip 2: You can clean your wiper blades with liquids such as alcohol, but always check with the wiper product specifications.

Tip 3: You should change your wipers every couple of years.

Tip 4: Use paper towels to remove the glass cleaner to stop smears.

Tip 5: Rain repellent cleaners that help to repel moisture are also good for stopping bugs from sticking to the glass.

Tip 6: Cleaning the outside first will help you to spot the dirt and smears on the inside.

Tip 7: When cleaning the inside use equipment with a pivoting head.

Tip 8: Always check the cleaning products to make sure they will not cause damage to the interior of your car, such as on seats or the dashboard.

Tip 9: Keep some anti smear wipes handy in your car.

Tip 10: Keeping your car windscreens and windows clean and shiny makes your car look great.

What tips do you have on how to keep your cars windscreen clean?