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How do I get an Audi with poor credit?

How do I get an Audi with poor credit?

You can get an Audi on poor credit from UltraCar, all you need to do is-

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Provide 3 months worth of bank statements
  3. Provide a current driving license
  4. Allow 2 working days for an answer

At Ultracar, we have been helping customers with a poor credit score get behind the wheel of their chosen Audi since 1999.
We are responsible lenders, and treat each application on its own individual merit.

Audi A4 poor credit car lease

Here in details is what you need to do to get an Audi on lease from us

Complete an application form

Follow this link to our personal or business application forms. Our online forms have been created so that you can complete them quickly and effortlessly. Once you hit send your application will be sent directly to our sales team.

Provide 3 months worth of bank statements

Our assessors will require 3 months worth of bank statements from you to check your affordability.
If you have more than one bank account provide them all, the more information you can provide to show your current financial situation the better they can assess you.

Provide a current drivers licence

Providing a current driving licence allows the assessors to verify your identification and confirm you are able to drive.

Allow 2 working days

We aim to get an answer back to you within 2 working days, in the majority of cases it is the next working day.

Audi Q3 poor credit car lease

Which Audi models can I have on poor credit?

As long as you can show affordability we can get you which ever Audi model you require.
All the Audi’s we lease out are less than a year old in age, in many cases they have a high spec, so you are getting a superb car without the out lay of purchasing one outright. Audi’s in are fleet consist of Audi A1’s, Audi A4’s, Audi A5’s, Audi A8, Q3’s, Q7 and TT, however if you wish to lease a different model you can.

So if you have a poor credit score for whatever reason get in touch with us today, we are not interested in your past, only in the here and now.