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Hydrogen cars: The Honda Clarity FCV


The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell has an impressive (reported) 366-mile range, in part made possible by its ultra-aerodynamic body and advanced powertrain.

The Clarity is the first fuel cell-powered car to house its entire fuel cell stack and drivetrain system under the bonnet, which results in an uncompromised five-seater layout.

The interior is spacious and outfitted with premium, environmentally-responsible materials and thoughtful, stylish design cues.

honda clarity

The Clarity Fuel Cell is the first of three vehicles debuting in the Clarity family. Upcoming models will also include a Battery Electric and Plug-in Hybrid model.

Drive for the FCV comes from an electric motor which is capable of providing more than 134bhp, while power density has been increased by 60% over that of the original FCX. The fuel stack size has also been reduced by 33% - an incredible feat!

The carmaker also says the FCV can be refuelled with hydrogen in under five minutes - previous statements pulled the estimate closer to three minutes. The Clarity project leader and Thomas Brachmann who leads the powertrain development, believes it’s still more efficient to use hydrogen than to burn petrol or diesel. Awesome developments here from Honda: