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Interior Lights Whilst Driving

Is it illegal to have your interior light on whilst driving?

It is not against the law to have your interior light on inside the car whilst driving.

Interior light law myth

Many motorist believe that it is against the law to leave your interior light on inside your car, in fact it has probably been debated for many years down the pub among mates. The fact of the matter is, it is not against the law to specifically leave your interior light on whilst driving. However, and this is where perhaps the myth has arose….

You should not have a white light shining out at the back of you car, as drivers following read lights on cars, and of course a white light tell another driver you are reversing. If a driver misinterprets my interior light as a reversing light I would be seriously wondering how he/she got a license!!

Interior light distraction

By lighting up your face as a driver and or a passenger you may distract other drivers.

If you are causing other drivers to be distracted from the road then this is against the law, and will get you pulled up.
But its the distracted to other road users rather than having the actual interior light on itself.

Modern day driving and the interior light

To be perfectly honest it would be very difficult to uphold a law regarding having lights on inside your car whilst driving, why?… because when you take a look at the modern day vehicles their cockpits are rammed full of various lights and dials. Not to mention sat navs suckered on to windscreens, then of course there are all the various smart phones we use, all sitting on the dash board or stuck within the windscreen. How then could you be pulled up for simply having an interior light on.

LED interior car lights

So in summary

There is nothing in the high way code to say you must not drive with your interior light on, but it is against the law to distract other road users.

Have you ever been pulled up for having your interior light on? Let us know your stories………