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Jaguar Land Rover – Selfie to open the door? Too much R&D budget!

Range Rover and Jaguar on a city over a bridge

Motorists could soon unlock the doors of their cars with a selfie!

Jaguar Land Rover has developed and patented technology that uses facial recognition and gait analysis to identify drivers. Cameras mounted under the windows capture video and photos of people as they approach and these are compared with images stored on its on-board computer.

Three range rovers on a hilltop

The patent says: β€œThe user of the vehicle must carry out a registration process which requires them to record a still image of their face and a moving image such as a hand gesture or their gait as they approach the vehicle over here.”

Using video footage and gait recognition ensures thieves cannot fool the system by holding up photographs of the owner that they have printed out.

The technology allows several people to register with the same car, so friends and family can unlock and drive it when necessary.

Jaguar Land Rover uses advanced cameras that create a 3D image, allowing the car to estimate how far a person is from the vehicle and better analyse their movement.

The patent hints that future Jaguars and Land Rovers may come without door handles, with different hand gestures signaling which door to open.

Range Rover next to sports car

Combining the system with a wireless key fob would increase security further.

Two cameras will be fixed on each side of the vehicle and angled so they capture the walk of those who approach from the front or behind.

Although there should be further development in the process regarding its downsides, Jaguar believes that this new system will make cars more convenient and secure should car owners misplace their keys.

Range rover driving on bend