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James Bond Cars

The Cars of James Bond

The high-speed car chases, the fight to stop the bad guy from carrying out his plans and of course, the amazing cars and the high-tech gadgets; the plot may remain similar but when it comes to the cars featured in the James Bond movies, and there have been quite a few, they are quite different. In recent year’s car manufacturers have been anxious, and who can blame them, to provide the latest Bond car, after all, product placement is everything. Love him or loathe him, there has certainly been a car for everyone.

One of the many James Bond cars the Sunbeam Alpine Series II

Sunbeam Alpine Series II

You should always be able to look back at your first car with fond memories, unfortunately there are few people who could probably name this car which appeared in Dr No in 1962, its first and only appearance. Like many of the Bond cars that followed it the Sunbeam was a British made car, manufactured in Coventry.

Aston Martin well known as a James Bond car

You can’t really talk about Bond’s cars without at least a mention of the Aston Martin, well you could but this iconic car is the one everybody associates with Bond. And it is the make of car that has appeared in the most films in various forms. Over the years, James Bond has driven the Aston

The Aston Martin famously linked to James Bond

Martin DB5, the DBS, V8, V12, DBS V12 and in the his most recent film the DB10. In total a staggering DB10’s were made for the filming of Spectre some of which were modified with gadgets by “Q branch”. In February 2016 one of the DB10’s from the film, one of the un-modified models, was auctioned off in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières. And if you ever wondered just how much damage James Bond really did in one of the movies, it is estimated that a staggering $36m worth of cars were destroyed during the filming of Spectre.

White Lotus Esprit S1

White Lotus Esprit S1 from the bond film The Spy Who Loved Me

Who could forget this car following its appearance in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me. Possibly one of the best chases scenes in any Bond movie, we are offered up a spectacular chase the covers land, air and sea. First, we see Bond chased on land by both a motorbike and a car, the later carrying the henchman Jaws, then the attack continues from a helicopter, and finally Bond is forced to drive the car off the pier, where is miraculously changes into a mini submarine. Having taken care of the baddies the car emerges from the sea and calmly drives up a beach full of amazed tourists.

Citroen 2CV not so James Bond

Of course, over the years we have seen Bond drive some considerably less Bond-like cars. Take for example the Citroen 2CV in For Your Eyes Only. This car had to be fitted with a bigger engine to cope with the chase scenes in the film, even so if you watch very carefully you may just spot the bits where they had to speed the footage up as it simply wasn’t up to a Bond style chase.

Citroen 2CV with james bond

These are just a few of the cars, to say nothing of the other vehicles, that James Bond has driven over the years; at least 23 different makes and models of cars spanning 24 films and 7 Bonds.  There are plenty to choose from, this is the same for leasing from UltraCar, we don’t look at your credit score we look at affordability and traceability.  So if you meet both these criteria then you are able to choose from any car you like within your budget.  We buy the car you want and then lease back to you, find out more here.

Which is your favourite Bond car?