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Kia Picanto Review

Kia Picanto Car Review 2018

Before we even begin discussing the Picanto and the city car class, what stands out immediately is that Kia offer a seven year warranty with all their vehicles. That alone tells you that the Picanto is worth a look, because if Kia are happy to provide over double warranty time compared to other manufacturers, they are telling us this is a well made vehicle.
The Kia is also competitively priced which means that when it comes to leasing one, it will be in the lower budget bracket. Then add the fact that Ultracar will pay your road tax, you are looking at one very sought after lease.

The Kia Picanto boasts a good sized boot

The Kia Picanto is small but roomy

YThe Picanto appeals to young drivers, but also to those who need a car to get about town. The Picanto has a very good sized boot in fact one of the biggest in the city car class. This makes it very popular with adults who need a car for in town and the big shop.

Adults in the back of the Picanto will find plenty of head room, however as expected in city cars leg room is a different matter. But when you buy a city car you know that you not going to be bale to fit adults in the back with leg room- right? However there is plenty of room for the kids 3 in the back, or 2 child seats (realistically).

There is a surprising amount of storage spaces in the cabin, with a selection of open trays for keys , mobiles and other trinkets.
Nice sized glovebox plus bottle holders in doors.

The picanto has a simple dashboard, but effective

Driving the Picanto

Considering you are in a city car motorway driving is surprisingly comfortable, and there is little noise compared to other city cars. The Picanto has good visibility all round, and drives well however if you are going to be on the motorways more than in town it would be worth going for the 1.2 engine giving a little better performance. If however you are doing short journeys and staying in and around town then you will be fine with the 1.0. The Picanto is light and responsive, and easy to park, though we are all very spoilt as drivers so you may as well check that the trim you choose has parking sensors.

The Picanto handles well with more grip than the previous models, which makes it the best in its class for controlled responsive steering.

Picanto infotainment

Ok the dash is pretty basic, but what that does mean is easy to use dials. Check the rim you choose to see what you get as far as infotainment goes, from a basic radio and blue tooth, through to touch screen with sat nav and Apple carplay.

It is very easy to see why the Picanto is popular with young and older drivers as it offers something for everyone.

If you would like to lease a Kia Picanto and you have an unhealthy credit score give us a call today, we can offer you all trims at very low prices!