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Labour Manifesto – What does it mean for Motorists?

Labour Manifesto – What does it mean for Motorists?

As the entire country gears up for the General Election on 8th June 2017, the major parties have been releasing their manifestos. Plenty has been mentioned about what are seen as the key issues; Brexit, the NHS, and School funding to name but a few, however little has been mentioned about what the key points are for motorists

Jeremy Corbyn Labour leader manifesto

A Summary

In brief the Labour manifesto (see more here) includes several plans geared towards upgrading the UK’s road networks, and reducing roadworks. They have also pledged to reduce the number of road deaths to zero and remove the Severn Bridge toll. Labour’s manifesto is not especially heavy on policies that directly relate to the motorist but it should be remembered that one of their big pledges right from the start has been about making public transport more accessible. The manifesto does make mention of the fact that they would require all ageing busses to be upgraded in line with new Euro 6 emissions standards. What all of this does mean for the motorist is of course that the roads may be a little less congested which would be very good news indeed.

The Labour Manifesto says scrap the Severn Bridge Toll

The Labour manifesto pledges to scrap the Severn Bridge toll. The bridge which carries the M48 across the River Severn from Gloucestershire to Monmouthshire currently charges a toll on the English side of the bridge; £6.70 for cars and £20 for HGV’s. The Severn Bridge has been earmarked as an important infrastructure to the country as well as a bottle neck area. It is estimated that around 25 million motorists use the toll bridge every year.

Improve the Infrastructure and Reduce Roadworks

The A1 North, A30 and the Severn Bridge have all be earmarked as requiring urgent consideration as important routes in the country’s infrastructure. Labour plans to reduce congestion in these known bottle neck areas and improve roadworks in these areas. 

labour manifesto logo

Labour wants to reintroduce Road Safety Targets

Labour have pledged that they will reset the road safety vision for the UK. They plan to do this by reintroducing road safety targets, and taking bold measures to improve safety standard. They will also strive to create a zero-death transport network.

Upgrade the Number of Cycle Roads

And last but by no means least the manifesto sets out Labour’s plan to completely upgrade the country’s national cycle network. Whilst this may not be directly related to motoring, it would certainly improve the lot of the cyclist and therefore make life on the roads a little easier for motorists, and of course it is excellent news for cyclists.

Just like all the other major parties, Labour has put a focus on the UK being at the forefront when it comes to the development, manufacture and use of ultra-low emission vehicles, however unlike the other parties they haven’t given any real indication of timeframes and scales for this.